Going the distance

Published: 7th Feb 2020

Tips for models travelling overseas

You’ve secured a modelling assignment, checked the necessary details and you’re confident the job will be a success. So far, so good. Whilst most models have checklists to assist in their preparation, working abroad can be daunting. In fact, many top professionals take extra precautions. Forget “Lights, Camera… Action”. Let Models Direct advise you on “Lights, Camera… takeoff”.

Tickets, passports and boarding passes are obviously crucial, so let’s concentrate on specific advice for models. After all, most holidaymakers just care about arriving at their destination in one piece with no delays. When looking your best is just as important as stress-free travel, models will do well to adhere to a few industry tips.

Preparation is key. Scrambling to find that last-minute cosmetic item is hardly best practice. Packing luggage effectively eliminates unnecessary delays – and stress. Remember that limitations apply for liquid-based products; this includes gels, moisturisers and pastes. If you’re carrying such items (which no doubt will be the case), pay particular attention to hand luggage, and don’t forget to bring small plastic bags in which to store cosmetics. Any time taken away from fiddling with these annoyances is a benefit.

Arrive early. There’s nothing wrong with feeling smug watching other travellers getting red-in-the-face because they’re running late. For international flights, allow a sensible three hours before takeoff. And if you have an hour or so to spare, use it wisely by researching your destination and client, and by drinking plenty of water – in the long run, these two tips are invaluable.

On that last note, research is key to working abroad. Assuming a hotel has already been booked, plan ahead and arrange a concierge to handle any heavy luggage. Concierges are also priceless for information on suitable taxi companies and the best routes to your photo shoot; local knowledge is frequently better than information gained by the Internet or in guidebooks. Take advantage of it.

Drink water – and plenty of it. Famous model David Gandy is adamant when it comes to looking fresh on a flight. “There’s no big secret,” he reveals. “I just drink plenty of water and get as much sleep as I can.”

More practical advice is often overlooked, but equally fundamental for travelling models. Sticking to usual sleeping patterns helps the body recover, and wearing sensible shoes aids comfort. Forget catwalk stars tottering on planes in six-inch heels – blisters are not your friend.

Luggage Forward is a great service that specialises in shipping luggage door-to-door, and it operates in more than 200 countries. Ask your agency for advice, or simply search their website for the best deals.

Of course, it’s not all glamour. As Yorkshire-born model Rory Marshall explains, “It all sounds glamorous, but that soon wears off. There is a lot of travelling for me, which can be very tiring. Sometimes you can have no sleep, be jet lagged and have to turn up to see new clients when you feel half dead inside. It can be exhausting.” The general advice is: be realistic.

On a more domestic note, Models Direct may offer additional expenses when travelling more than 20 miles is required – please discuss this ahead of your modelling assignment with the team.

Remember, though the work should undoubtedly be enjoyable, it is still that – work. Be professional, be prepared, look after yourself, and you could soon find yourself being offered modelling assignments farther afield.

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