Published: 3rd May 2022

Several of our model’s careers really “took off” when they were centre stage at the UK’s busiest airport – and one of the busiest in the world!

The action took place at Heathrow, where it was all systems go to star in a campaign tempting travellers to book their flight tickets at the airport. And we can certainly say with optimal confidence that the campaign proved a roaring success. Well, who would have doubted that, right?

Airports can be magical places. They represent vivid experiences in foreign lands, of holiday romances and family retreats, creating events that live long in the memory. We can visualise golden sands, snowy peaks and stunning architecture, and airports are so often the starting point for these picture-perfect recollections. But they can be chaotic and frantic, with travellers scrambling for their tickets, passports and last minute essentials. However, as soon as the plane takes off, all the eleventh-hour commotion is soon forgotten as we are transported from our daily chores to a new land and fascinating cultures.

It was the best of both worlds for 10 of our models, which comprised a family of five and another five separate individuals, each looking to achieve their own modelling success amidst the holidaymakers and roaring plane engines. You could almost smell the excitement!

Just as travellers must know their itinerary, our 10-strong modelling group were given all the crucial details to make sure their day went as smoothly as every traveller would hope their holiday would go. Handled expertly, the day’s proceedings were organised by the PR company, Ingenious, and our very own booking team. From arrival time and first-time introductions, to refreshments and equipment set-up, the modelling campaign was another fine example of a huge client getting their message across using the best commercial models out there. There certainly wasn’t any “winging it” at Heathrow!

One of the models – Alex – deserves a special mention, as he was instrumental in promoting diversity to a large audience. A wheelchair user, Alex beamed, “I have had a fabulous experience on my first assignment with Models Direct, courtesy of Molly at Models Direct and working with Ingenious at Heathrow Airport. Natalie met me on arrival (such a lovely lady), offering refreshments and kept me posted on the time frame and set-up status of equipment etc. We started promptly at noon. Steve and Magnus – the team responsible for the shots – were great, and made me feel relaxed and confident. We had an initial chat, then went on to some shots before an informal interview whilst being photographed. The whole experience was simple from start to finish. Accessibility was great, parking was easy, directions and contact info all provided. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and hope to promote diversity and inclusion as a wheelchair user in more campaigns such as this in the future. Many thanks to everyone involved in the selection process – it’s been a privilege. ”

We’re always grateful to have such terrific models on our books, and Alex is definitely one of them. You can read more on the exceptional feedback on this high-flying assignment below:

Cherie, Adam, Guy and Aira completed the quintet individual models, and the Karlsens were selected by our client to be our star family. They commented after the campaign:

“Such a great time when you can work with your whole family. Thank you so much to Models Direct and to the client  – both were brilliant.”

Be sure to check out more family modelling feedback below:

What a truly inspiring modelling assignment, proving once again that we have the contacts, clients, and booking team to make travel dreams come true – even if you don’t leave the airport!

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