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Published: 9th Apr 2023

Promotional modelling is one of the most easily accessible types of modelling. We always stress that most of our assignments don’t require experienced models, and promotional work appeals to a lot of confident people of all ages. The key to working on promotional jobs is to be confident and remain bright ‘n’ breezy from start to finish. Job done!

Promotional models give potential customers a great first impression. They can work at trade shows or exhibitions, as well as live events or “in the field” on bustling high streets dishing out merchandise, leaflets or free samples, or simply being “the face” of the brand and talking to any friendly strangers who show interest. Therefore, the ability to remember facts, figures and stats is highly desirable, although the most important asset for all promo models is the confidence to interact with all kinds of people face-to-face. A big smile goes a long way!

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A classic example of this highly enjoyable work can be highlighted by our model Bella – an outgoing and affable lady who just loves meeting people. So she already sounds like a perfect fit for a Models Direct promo model!

What’s more, Bella’s assignment was working with one of the most familiar brands in the country. We’ve enjoyed a great partnership with health food giants Holland & Barrett for some time, so you could say that we have a mutually wholesome relationship – and long may it continue!

Excellent balancing Bella!

We knew the brand would welcome Bella as their promotional model for the day. Exhibiting all the qualities to grab the attention of passers-by, Bella got straight to work by promoting the benefits of the brand’s vitamin D supplements. As we’re sure all you knowledgeable models out there know, vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium in our bodies, which in turn keeps our bones, teeth and muscles in tip-top shape. Our vitamin D levels are usually in short supply in the winter, so Bella’s assignment was perfect timing to market and educate the advantages of taking the healthy supplement. Sunlight is also a natural source of the super vitamin, so in the forthcoming warmer months don’t be shy and enjoy the great outdoors!

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Holland & Barrett asked Bella to tread the pavements and market their bottles of vitamin D to the sun-depraved population. Perhaps a couple of skills she can add to her CV is a perfect balance and super steady nerves, as she had to make sure a pyramid of the supplement bottles were secure at all times. Think of the pressure! Thankfully, Bella came up trumps and passed the test with flying colours. Perhaps she took some vitamin D leading up to her assignment to build up her bones and muscles – who knows?! Congratulations Bella!

If you have a bubbly personality, cool under pressure and enjoy meeting new people, then why not give promotional modelling a go?

You’ll be paid handsomely, and it could lead to other types of commercial modelling work. Our booking team – and clients – would love to hear from you. Get cracking!

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