International Travel Assignments…Up and Away With Models Direct

Published: 4th May 2021

Models Direct – coming to an airport near you!

UK staycations were the big trend during the ease of the lockdown last year (a term many of us were frantically typing into our search bars). 

Now we’re seeing the rise of jet setters as our lockdown is beginning to relax again. Travelling around the world is probably one of the top things we have on our to-do list especially after having a tough year of lockdowns (plural!) It’s not surprising that many of us want to have a break, travel out, escape and experience the world. We’re ready for big adventures in big destinations! And with big destinations, this means BIG bookings and assignments for Models Direct! More modelling opportunities are arising which means our models will be spearheading those campaigns to entice as many travellers to have their passports on standby and suitcases ready.    

Airlines and airports are readying their marketing to get their brand showcased on the international platform informing travellers that they are on their way up, on the airport runway for recovery and ready for the skies. They will want models to feature in their campaigns and commercials where many of the top airlines such as Jet2, Easy Jet and major international airport, Heathrow in London have come to our modelling agency requesting our professional talent. 

Our work with leading brands

Our adult models have featured in Heathrow’s campaign whilst our superstar junior models have been the stars of the show for a Jet2 campaign unveiling in-flight kids’ meals in recyclable boxes. 

Our work with Heathrow Airport showcased our inspirational model, Alex, who is a wheelchair user. He was happy with his experience and expressed his delight to be selected and present diversity and inclusion within the wonderful world of modelling. He said it was a privilege to be part of a fantastic opportunity but we’re privileged to have such a remarkable gentleman in our books! The campaign’s purpose was to attract travellers to book their flight tickets at the seventh busiest airport in the world – Heathrow. Did it work? We most certainly reckon so! 

Jet2’s sustainable way of carrying in-flight kids meals was a delightful airline campaign that featured our adorable models Henry, Georgine, Holly and Callice. Our four child models joined together and made the task on hand an instant success promoting an important solution to today’s wastage issue.  

We anticipate that more air travel-related projects will come to our table with the rise of flight searches, sun hats and sunscreen on standby. 

The takeaway

Models Direct place our modelling talent that our clients request to see. If they think it’s a good match for their campaign, bingo! It’s extremely important to us that the rooted connection between our models and clients is established and strongly built on. Our 30 years of experience in this fast moving industry really does mean that we know the modelling world inside out – but we also LOVE what we do! That’s why we are still here helping our models and clients work collaboratively. 

Like what you’ve read? Thinking about becoming a model and joining our agency? Want to feature in a major airline campaign? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We can make it happen whether you are a newborn, female model or even a mature model – get paid for being snapped and work with new people on unpredictable but exciting projects!

Who wouldn’t want that, eh? Apply to find out your modelling potential today.

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