It’s all child’s play – junior modelling for Hasbro Toys

Published: 16th Dec 2020

There will be many happy faces this festive season when little ones unwrap exciting toys found under the tree on Christmas morning, lots of these shiny new treasures are likely to be made by renowned, global toy and board game manufacturer Hasbro.

Some of our child models were lucky enough to have the chance to play with Hasbro’s Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby, when they were selected to star in the latest commercial for the brand.

Shai, Scarlett and Jayana, all appear in the hilarious footage, shot in London, which shows youngsters playing with toys alongside parents attempting to potty train their toddlers.

Shai’s dad Steve, also took part in the commercial and can be seen rewarding his son with a family-size container of ice-cream, realising as he does so that he might have been a little over generous!

Family modelling can be just as much fun as junior modelling – we are always thrilled when parents are keen to appear with their offspring. Family modelling offers natural chemistry on screen which is an advantage when filming, also a instant social bubble.

Whether filming together or taking part in a photo shoot, the whole experience can be quite an adventure for all concerned, not to mention a huge amount of fun with some perks thrown in for the junior models!

All our models earned £190 each for the day’s assignment and for everyone who took part in the advert for Hasbro Toys, it was a new experience.

It was the first time Steve and Shai had worked together.

Steve said afterwards:

“It was my son’s first time, so he was a little shy but after some time he settled in quite nicely. We had various scenes with Shai in the bathroom and of us in the kitchen with me rewarding him (after his successful potty training) with a tub of ice-cream. The film crew were very friendly along with the lovely ladies who were looking after Shai, who were also very helpful. We both had a really good time!”

Jayana also loved it, according to her mum, who said:

“Jayana had a great afternoon yesterday on her first shoot with Models Direct. She was so excited about her first shoot. Thanks, Molly for all your work! And lucky Jayana even came away with a Baby Alive of her own.”

Scarlett’s mum said:

“My little girl Scarlett, who is six, had the best day ever on an assignment from Models Direct for a advert for Hasbro for a Baby Alive Doll. It was a great day, with lovely people. They directed her well and looked after us brilliantly: she was made to feel like a little princess. What a great experience, she can’t wait for her next assignment. The lovely ladies let her have a doll, she was over the moon.”

If you would like your child to be considered for similar modelling assignments please get intouch with our team today!

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