Just You: Modelling for Solo Travellers and Adventurers

Published: 9th Jul 2021

For those who love to travel independently, Just You is the perfect solution for solo holidays escorted tours. Models Direct were so pleased to join forces with the holiday company that has been running successfully for over 15 years when they requested for us to bring our talent to the forefront of their marketing campaign. 

With an amazing 4 day shoot set to take place in Majorca (pre-Covid), our models – Amanda, Graeme, Kristina, Nick and Sonia – demonstrated exemplary skill throughout their international assignment. This was a truly unforgettable experience. Each of our models took on the solo adventurer role and translated this perfectly for the stills and videos which were composed for the UK’s best singles holiday company’s website. Our models came together to demonstrate the journey solo travellers make, forming friends and companionships along the way. The assignment was carefully curated for commercial purposes where images from the shoot run across the Just You website. 

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We wanted to share our models’ feedback with our readers so here’s what they had to say: 

Amanda told us all about her experience here, this is what she had to say:

“I have just returned from the most amazing shoot in Majorca with Models Direct, working for an amazing brand called “Just You” which specialises in solo travel. Our agent at Models Direct knew exactly whom to place to get the customer the best results and she looked after us exceptionally. Working with 4 other amazing models we clicked immediately, there were no staged smiles, every picture you will see from this shoot is genuine joy, laughter and appreciation of the moments. I feel very lucky to have shared this experience and it would not have been possible without Models Direct and Just You.”

Graeme had only positive words to say about the assignment. He explains:

“Joy, Hilarity and Happiness great new friends, hilarious banter teammates, warm-hearted soulmates one and all! Thank you so much JustYouHolidays and ModelsDirect for the wonderful Majorca memories – Second lot for my first assignment, it could not have gone better! Amazing, warm, sincerely personable laser-focused professional support from Charlie at Models Direct. Loved working on this shoot with the other models which were superbly chosen by Charlie for the client Just You. Everybody got on so well with each other, it became such a pleasure, privilege and honour to work with such highly dedicated creative professionals. Highly recommended!”

Kristina also adds her thoughts on how it went in the sun, sea and sands of Majorca:

“Thank you Charlie at Models Direct for assigning me one of my best jobs so far for Just You holidays on location in Majorca. Great team to work with from the amazing stylist @nickidonohoe and the photo/videographer and all the other models who were such a joy to be with every hour of the long working days.”

Short and sweet, Nick gives us his feedback:

“Had an amazing first booking from Models Direct, the team were supportive, helpful and informative. All in all a great experience. Thank you.”

Finally, Sonia contributes her reflections of the job:

“So nice when you go to work and it’s like a holiday. You meet very friendly people and you can have fun and laugh. My first experience with Models Direct is hopefully not the last one. Charlie is so attentive and professional. I am so thankful they chose me for the new campaign for Just You holidays. I can’t believe I was in Majorca for 5 days with great people who I didn’t know. Great experience for me. Thank you to all of you, I miss you already.”

Our thoughts 

Here is another example of the diverse brands our modelling agency works with. Sometimes we are completely floored when big brands approach us but we remain humble and keep our performance in check to ensure that what we deliver is of the utmost professionalism.

And when it comes to holidays, we are going to rediscover all the things we loved before our pandemic knocked our daily rhythm. We will stand tall, we will stay strong and we will recover. Together we will own our independence again and be the jet-setters we once were. The travel industry will welcome us as we will welcome it. Join Models Direct to make a difference not to just the thriving, versatile and flourishing modelling industry but to inclusivity and diversity. So whilst you ready yourself for an exciting solo trip to explore the world when the situation permits, you can also consider applying to our agency to become a model who could be booked for amazing international assignments. Our team looks forward to seeing your application so get applying trailblazers!

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