Kate Barton – The Beauty of Modelling for Boutique Brands

Published: 23rd Aug 2021

From small local bookings to major international shoots – and everything in between – Models Direct supplies models for all sorts of assignments.

And that is one of the many things we love about our work!

While we enjoy the prestige of sending our models to big name clients with global presences, we also like very much enjoyworking with smaller companies and brands too.

Among these are some of the boutique fashion brands, often launched by those who made a name for themselves in larger organisations but now want to be more hands-on.

One such company is Kate Barton, who is known for her beautifully cut, affordable womenswear, all made in natural fabrics.

Designer Kate Barton used to work for Laura Ashley, then launched her own childrenswear brand and subsequently worked with Johnnie Boden to create Mini Boden.

We sent one of our models, Natasha, off to a shoot in Petersfield, Hampshire, for Kate Barton, and the gorgeous results can be seen on the website and social media.

Natasha is an experienced model who has taken part in a variety of shoots for Models Direct.

This assignment saw her pose for a series of stills, against picturesque, natural backdrops, for Kate Barton’s latest collection.

While all our assignments involve teams who make our models feel welcome and well looked after, there is something particularly nice about working with boutique brands.

Natash certainly enjoyed taking part in this shoot and the fruits of her labour can not only be seen on Kate Barton’s website but also on social media.

She said afterwards: “It is always great working with Models Direct. My agent is super helpful and transparent. Thank you!”

For our female models who appear in shoots for boutique brands, this kind of work means lots of fantastic exposure, often over a prolonged period of time.

Models Direct is always keen to hear from anyone interested in finding out more about lifestyle modelling.

After all, we know just how enjoyable the work can be and how much it can benefit the careers of our models.

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