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Published: 17th Nov 2023

With higher education pretty much grinding to a pandemic halt a couple of years ago, it’s refreshing to know that students have returned to what they do best: absorbing information and living the good life only students know.

Another good life is commercial modelling. We know this from years of receiving favourable reviews from models of all ages and backgrounds. So when modelling was combined with university life a few weeks ago, our three superstar models knew it’d be another storming success.

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Anne Marie, Paula and Lee were chosen by the University of Kent to feature in their marketing video advert to welcome new students to their campus. The emphasis for the video shoot was to highlight the Canterbury campus’s comfy accommodation, complete with modern cinemas, top-rate eateries, excellent WiFi connections and leisure facilities. Sounds more like a holiday than a job, although our modelling trio didn’t complain.

The assignment fits nicely into numerous previous ones where our models had so much fun they almost forgot they were working for us and our clients – and of course, receiving a well deserved fee within five days of completion.

With nearly 18,000 students, the University of Kent is one of the largest educational institutions in the South of England. It certainly ranks as one of our most prestigious clients – although, we’re not bashful in saying we have largest number of renowned clients in the UK on our books.

Though perhaps not wholly classed as a “business”, universities have to gain new enrolments every year to survive, and as such their marketing video is instrumental in tempting students into their fold.

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One of the mottos of the University of Kent is “We stand for ambition.” We love to work with well-suited clients, as without ambition we wouldn’t be where we are today – that’s to say, industry leaders in the world of commercial modelling. The university’s motto is also in accordance with our modelling mindset. These qualities serve all our models well on their assignments throughout the country.

The feedback was stellar. Paula told us, “This was my first modelling assignment so I was unsure what to expect. I was delighted to be able to work with such friendly people who gave clear directions in a relaxed atmosphere. It was great fun socialising with other models and I had a wonderful experience. I’m very grateful to Models Direct for all their help and guidance and of course for this opportunity.

“Five stars for a fabulous experience – I highly recommend being part of Models Direct.”

“I had a lovely time shooting with Kent University over the past two days,” beamed Ann Marie. “It was a beautiful experience. Working with the staff they were an amazing team to work with. I also had the opportunity to work with two other models from Models Direct. Thank you Models Direct for such a great opportunity.”

One of our fortes is selecting the right models to put forward to our clients for their final decision. We’re delighted that prominent clients continue to trust us with their modelling selections. It’s what we do best.  

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