Life Changing Opportunities with Models Direct

Published: 7th Mar 2021

One of the best (and sometimes unexpected) perks about being a model for Models Direct is the sheer range of work. The diversity of modelling opportunities is due to several factors, the main ones being:

  • Our experienced booking team, and their rapport with our clients.
  • Our extensive list of clients who continually choose us as their no.1 modelling and talent agency.
  • Our models, of course, who excel in their work and are always looking for the best opportunities available. 

All three combined to wondrous effect when Ideal World TV approached us for a social model to sparkle as a presenter on their popular shopping TV channel. We don’t just excel in traditional modelling – that would be too mundane! We’re always pleased to hear from anybody with unique talents, no matter what age, gender or background. Not many people would expect a TV gig as a result of joining Models Direct, but that’s what happened to Neri, a bubbly model with oodles of character and confidence – exactly the qualities needed for the Ideal World TV job.  

Launched in 2000, Ideal World TV is a successful multi-channel TV shopping network. It sells thousands of consumer goods, from kitchenware and health & beauty products to toys and sports brands. Their multi-platform approach has seen their TV retail business increase year-on-year, so Neri was understandably delighted to have been chosen for this respected position.

The main product Neri got to grips with was the no!no!® Pro Hair Removal device – a revolutionary gadget that works on all skin types and has sold over 6 million units worldwide. Though being the face of a successful brand is exciting in its own right, Neri was keen to highlight how enjoyable her life-changing assignment was.

BTS of model Neri on route to set

“What was only supposed to be a one day assignment turned into two and I have to say, it was an amazing experience,” she beamed. “Working with seasoned professional models was incredible and they were the most caring, supportive and welcoming group of people I could have worked with. The staff at Ideal World were so informative and once they knew it was my first TV assignment, they guided me through it and offered all the support and training I could have needed. I spoke to nearly every one of the floor staff and built an excellent rapport with the Floor Managers and presenters. We all got to know each other so quickly that we were cracking jokes together off camera, but then we all were extremely professional on camera.”

Neri’s feedback is vital to understand that some assignments can be nerve-wracking for models and other talented individuals…BUT…working alongside super-friendly colleagues can instantly take the edge off what could have been a daunting assignment. In no time at all, Neri settled down and was her natural self whilst filming – probably forgetting she’d be seen by thousands of viewers and might be recognised in the street! In fact, Neri performed so well that she is an Ideal World TV regular and, in the process, became an inductee of the “Ideal World TV Hall of Fame*” by showing how the Pro Hair Removal works on tattoos (skin art is not usually permitted on Ideal World TV, but they made an exception for Models Direct!)

To read more about Neri’s life changing modelling assignment click here

*This doesn’t officially exist, but it should!

Neri has worked on numerous assignment for Models Direct, she is incredibly professional and has experience in acting and presenting – read her latest review here;

I have worked with Models direct for a while now and my most recent booking with Ideal World was an absolute pleasure. Despite covid, they had lots of regulations in place and everyone knew to keep their distance from each other, whilst wearing masks. It was for a new product and as usual, I was made to feel relaxed in this live tv environment. Charlie @models direct is always looking out for my well being and is so supportive, especially when trying to make sure you get paid. I wouldn’t be working as a model if it wasn’t for them and I am so greatful to them to be able to continue working – Neri

So, working for Models Direct can (and is) so much more than being photographed. We like to mix things up, and equally enjoy receiving applications from other like-minded people with a thirst for modelling.

Click here to see how you could be following in our model’s footsteps.

Working with great people, enjoying being on set, maintaining self-esteem and making new contacts – it all adds up to a pretty good deal! Not to mention the pay packet to reward the results of your labour. No wonder Models Direct is no.1.

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