Like ducks to water – our models show just how talented they are

Published: 30th Jul 2022

A first modelling assignment is often nerve-wracking but those who work with us at Models Direct know just how much support they receive from us and from the client for every booking.

We want all our models to feel comfortable and happy in their work – and that means making sure they are well looked after and confident about the job they are about to undertake.

Especially if it is their very first assignment.

From the moment they join us, each of our models has one key contact at Models Direct and they know this person will always be there to offer support when needed.

When an assignment is offered to a model, and they accept, this contact ensures the model understands exactly what is required of them.

And they emphasise that they will be there to answer queries or address any concerns as the booking approaches.

Two of our young male models recently undertook a commercial modelling assignment for Yorkshire Water and experienced first-hand the level of support offered by Models Direct and our client.

The production company working with Raheel and Jake wanted to create video content for a campaign aiming to demonstrate the difference between genuine and scam callers.

model Raheel

Our dynamic duo had to pose as workers from Yorkshire Water, a role that called for an element of acting – and they both did exceptionally well.

The shoot took place in Guiseley, Yorkshire, where everyone went above and beyond to ensure our pair felt at ease throughout the process.

We asked Raheel and Jake afterwards how the assignment went and they both responded very positively.

model Jake

They enjoyed the shoot, worked well together and felt supported from start to finish.

Raheel said: “At first, I didn’t really know what to expect as I hadn’t done anything quite like this before. But everyone was super easy-going and friendly.

“The task at hand was straightforward and the other model I was working with was great and easy to bounce off.

“So, all in all, a great experience and worth the time taken out!”

He added: “I am now looking forward to more campaigns with Models Direct – Charlie has been brilliant at giving clear instructions from the start of the booking all the way to the end.”

And Jake was just as enthusiastic.

“I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the shoot that took place! The team was amazing! I am now excited about my next opportunity!” he said.

Find out what other models have said about their experiences of working with us – then let us know if you are interested in joining us too.

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