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Published: 28th Jun 2021

Though Models Direct excel at arranging bookings anywhere in the UK – or, for that matter, around the world – there’s something so pleasing about keeping it local. And that’s exactly what we did when electrical retailer Snellings requested three adult models to pose for stills to promote their range of electrical products.

Situated in the heart of Norfolk, Snellings are close to our heart. After all, they have plenty of things in common with Models Direct: they are proudly East Anglian, prioritise customer satisfaction, and only settle for the best. Without sounding like an advert, Snellings sells (and rents) all the top electrical brands including Samsung, Dyson, Panasonic, Zanussi, Sony…and many more. From tumble dryers to DVD players, ovens to fridge freezers, Snellings are at the top of their game. Which is why this particular assignment ran like clockwork and was an irrefutable success (not that anyone doubted it would be!)

Brand awareness is particularly important to many of our clients. Classified under the broader umbrella of “marketing”, brand awareness is simply a term by which customers identify a product by its name. For instance, if the average consumer was asked to think of a brand of washing machines, Bosch might spring to mind to many (Snellings, of course, sells Bosch products). To increase brand awareness, modelling is a key strategy for customers, which is why Snellings approached PR company Further to get the ball rolling with their modelling campaign. Keeping it local once more, Further are located in Norwich, although their two other locations are Oxford and North Finsbury in London. It was a perfect modelling assignment for all three parties!

Our three adult models were Rachel, Matt and Gary. Immediately they were put to ease and looked comfortable in front of the camera – not the security cameras which are sold by Snelling, we must add; the photographer’s camera!

All three praised the shoot, with Gary keen to submit his feedback to us: “Wow! What a great assignment. I had the most enjoyable experience, and the client went out of their way to make me feel welcome.”

Perhaps the key word from Gary’s appraisal is “enjoyable”. We appreciate that some assignments may be daunting for first-time models, but our friendly and efficient booking team puts in the extra effort to make sure all our models are given the correct information ahead of their assignment, and we’re keen to do everything it takes to make jobs pleasurable for our wonderful models.

Rachel amplified the recommendations with her amazing feedback (oh, we do like to hear them!) “I’ve just left the shoot and had a brilliant day. Everyone involved was so warm and welcoming, and there was a genuinely lovely, conversational vibe to the day. It was a brilliant first toe-dip into modelling, and initial apprehensions were very quickly dispelled.”

Daunting? Not for Rachel! The local theme continued when she added, “The business was one I know, with an established reputation and fantastic products.” To wrap up her feedback, Rachel said, “The real icing on the cake was having a brilliant rapport with the other model – we really seemed to click and had so much in common. There were laughs aplenty! I had no idea just how much fun it would be!”

Who said work can’t be fun? Not us!

Matt was also a debutant in the modelling industry, and his evaluation was just as positive. “I just completed my first assignment and it went really well. Molly [part of our booking team] provided clear information ahead of the day which made it run smoothly. Since joining Models Direct I have found them to be professional and personable. On the day, the client was amazing – really friendly, as were the other models. We all worked well together making it an enjoyable day. I look forward to doing that again soon!”

Having fun, keeping it local, getting paid, and making friends…modelling with us could well be the most enjoyable job you’ve never tried.

If you’re thinking of “dipping your toe” into our terrific industry just like Rachel, apply here

We’ll have a look at what you’ve got to offer, and then do the rest!  

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