Luxury trip for model family

Published: 14th Jan 2021

Why do ordinary? This is Oliver’s Travels slogan but also something we agree with too. Why live life doing the ordinary and not striving to be a little eccentric and do something dynamic and extravagant?

Well, this is where Models Direct comes in. If you’re reading this blog, do read on to find out more about family modelling and what it meant for the Golding family. 

Can you imagine your family being part of an all-expenses-paid modelling assignment? Well, our existing Models Direct families do. They have been part of plenty of exciting jobs varying from photoshoots, promotional and commercial work here in the UK and overseas. We have seen a lot of leading brands approach us for our models and we are always delighted and proud to put forward those who our clients request for. 

With 133,964 likes on Facebook, Oliver’s Travels are leading experts in extraordinary villa holidays, and they came to Models Direct asking for a real family to model for their incredible promotional video. With the help of a prestigious production company – The Gate Films – their advert was carefully curated which you can see on their website and Facebook page. When we refer to real we mean a genuine family, not a bunch of models that have been thrown in together to play the part of a family.

Entrance to the luxury villa

Our lovely family, The Golding’s, got the chance to jet off to a beautiful location in the South of France for this wonderful modelling assignment. Sun, sand and sea – what more could anyone ask for when doing their job? The location was kept under wraps and was the greatest surprise of all as they didn’t know exactly where they were heading to – an assignment abroad was the only giveaway – which made the experience that more interesting. Imagine this happening to your family? Normally, you’d think the chances were unlikely, but with our expert modelling agency who have been connecting models and clients for 30 years, take it from us, it can happen with your family just as it has with the Golding’s.

View the incredible commercial starring The Goldings…think you’ll agree it’s pretty amazing!

The family models stayed at a high-end luxury villa to film the venue which was the icing on the cake, and it was absolutely breathtaking. They experienced amazing service from our team, The Gate Films and all the staff at the villa on this 4-day trip too. Our models, Ali, Coral, Ava and Sufi, were thrilled to be a part of this project which was bursting full of opportunities to capture precious family moments at a stunning location. They indulged in the delightful food, glorious hotspots for sightseeing and fun-filled activities. They kindly relayed great feedback about their one-of-a-kind experience right here:

“We just got back from the South of France where we filmed a commercial as a family for ‘Oliver’s Travels.’ It was a truly amazing experience! We stayed in an unbelievable villa and saw some beautiful sights! Thank you so so much Models Direct for getting us this job!! We absolutely loved it!”The Goldings

If you’re considering modelling with your family, get in touch with us today and we will help launch a fantastic new career for you and your loved ones. Check out our social media pages to get the latest scoop on what’s new and current in our world.   

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