Men’s haircutting – DIY-style

Published: 29th Jun 2020

Hairdos or don’ts – it’s up to you!

With hairdressers currently out of action until this weekend, many of you will have been tempted to turn your unruly mop of hair into something approaching a professional style. Just by talking to a few men recently, Models Direct has discovered that boredom has been a valid reason for DIY hair cutting operations. This is understandable and at least you’ll be doing something productive. 

In April of this year, The Daily Telegraph reported a 200% increase in hair clipper sales from retailer John Lewis. This trend is not surprising, and may continue to rise during the next month or so. Going against the grain, though, is the National Hair and Beauty Federation’s advice to fashion-conscious individuals to leave their hair alone, and to “bear with” their unmanageable hair until salons and barbers across the country re-open. If you prefer to do this, then go for it. However, hair cutting is not universally seen as a health matter – more of a choice – so if you feel now is the time to take clippers into your own hands, follow the below tips for a glorious hairdo.

1. Have a plan. Don’t wade into your haircut without some sort of style in your mind. Take a look at hairstyles in magazines and on the Internet, and observe the trusted adage of “you can take more off but you can’t add any on”. Start off cautiously, and grow in confidence.  

2. Use the right equipment. Clippers can cost anywhere between £15 – £80, with some models setting you back nearly £200. You generally get what you pay for. If you’re on a limited budget, go for a set in the £20-£30 bracket. Clippers with a good reputation and a solid background in men’s grooming include Wahl, Philips and Remington. Most sets include different grade lengths, from grade 1 – 10, oils, a comb and a pair of scissors. It might be a worthy investment to buy a separate pair of professional scissors; these should last a long time and a professional pair are great for precise cutting. Kitchen scissors should be avoided – generally, the slimmest scissors are best. Also, make sure the grade guard is securely attached, all you’ll end up with an unwanted patch of skin. Some models may differ, but a lot of grades are an eighth of an inch apart, with higher numbers producing longer hair. 

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Place two mirrors in a position that won’t need changing halfway through the haircut. A mirror placed at an angle directly behind the mirror you’re looking at will give an all-round view. 

4. Hair should be clean. Your hair doesn’t have to be freshly washed prior to a cut, but it should be free from oils and hair products.  

5. Be calm! Never attempt to cut your own hair if you’re upset, nervous or agitated. It is a health risk, and your hair could suffer from inconsistent cutting.  

6. The neckline is the most awkward to cut. If you have a worthy partner or friend who is confident, ask them to run the clippers along your neckline and behind the ears.  

7. Buzzcuts. If you’re after a buzz or crewcut, it’s a good idea to run the clippers over the hair in all directions, then wash your barnet, before using the clippers for a second time. Treat your scalp gently, and let the clippers do the work!

Models Direct hopes all our clients and friends are keeping busy and staying healthy during the lockdown. Keep your spirits up and look forward to happier times! 

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