Modelling for Barclays

Published: 26th Feb 2021

All companies need to be on the pulse of modern marketing campaigns, and one of the biggest clients on our books recently asked us to help them do exactly that.

We’ve provided models for Barclays PLC before, so when the illustrious company required seven adult models for their new social media campaigns, we knew precisely what they were after. One of our strengths (many strengths, we’d like to add) is digesting a client’s brief and identifying the most suitable talent to make their promotions as successful as possible. This is down to our experienced bookings team, who have a wealth of knowledge and are the driving force behind screening our terrific models. You can read more about how our team works by clicking on the following link:

Speaking of wealth, Barclays shouldn’t need an introduction. It is, after all, one of the biggest banks in the world. Regardless of whether “biggest” is defined as total assets, profit, market value or number of employees, Barclays consistently appears in the list of the “big players” and is second only to HSBC in the UK. In short, Barclays knows what they need to succeed, and in this case they needed a group of models to help them with their social media campaign. Once we got the call, it was over to us to brief the lucky seven models.           

The campaigns were organised by Krow – a top advertising agency and a regular Models Direct client. Our seven models were asked to venture to Norfolk to display their talents, and was seen as an envious job for commercial models – that is, models who fit into any job not connected with high fashion. Commercial models are “everyday” people, and it’s this reason why Barclays sought after our “magnificent seven” since the bank’s customers largely consist of the general public. What better way to reach new and existing customers than to produce advertising campaigns depicting models who can double up as people the bank are attracting?

Barclays’s size and reputation meant that our adult models needed to be both male and female. For some, it was their first “gig”. For them all, the photo shoots were exciting and fun – two of the best perks about being a model. Immy was quick to relay her experience with Krow: “I was shortlisted for a Barclays Bank advert and, I must say, the team was amazing. I had such an amazing and interesting time. The team was so supportive, encouraging, understanding, patient but, above all, they made me feel like we had known each other for years. The whole day was an adventure I will never forget and I wish I can experience those moments again soon. Thanks to Models Direct, I now have experience.”

Wow! Not just a wonderful experience for Immy, but an unforgettable one – a cherished event that speaks volumes for the life of a model. And there’s no reason why you couldn’t be a model, too.

One of Immy’s colleagues on the shoot, Anthony, echoed the praise. He said, “I was grateful for the experience and the opportunity to shoot with Models Direct. It was a pleasure to work alongside such amazing and talented crew; everyone made me feel at home while being very professional and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the end result. I’m hoping to work for/with you all in the foreseeable future.”

Again, this illustrates the close-knit friendship that can be gained from modelling work – especially with us. If you fancy working with top UK clients and some of the best modelling talent around, please get in touch with us and we’ll have a look at your application. You could soon be working alongside great models for some of the most prestigious companies in the country!

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