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Published: 5th Apr 2021

Sleep.London is a new range of products designed to give users the best possible night’s sleep. It was launched by Pro Blo Group (who specialise in hair styling products) when Founder Rebecca McCann became determined to offer customers the very best in nightwear, eye masks and pillows. Masks have been the essential accessory lately for all the wrong reasons, but Sleep.London’s quality eye masks should be worn freely – and not over the mouth!

Rebecca has an impressive list of accolades, from Inspiring Woman of the Year and National Entrepreneur of the Year, to Business Woman of the Year to Merseyside Woman of the Year (she’s from Liverpool). With these credentials, Pro Blo needed the best suited models to pose for stills and to appear in social media video content. Their first port of call? Models Direct, of course, as we’ve supplied models for them in the past. We had the perfect pair of models to market the sleep products, so you could say our models were the “dream team”.

The Sleep.London’s range was launched in November 2020, so it was particularly exciting for our models, Clavel and Abinaya, to be promoting a revolutionary range of sleep products. The pillowcases, for instance, are made from 100% mulberry 22 momme silk and are naturally hypoallergenic, which means hair and skin are preserved whilst users are catching up on their Zs.

A final image from the shoot

After Clavel’s makeup was taken care of by a caring makeup artist, she was asked to portray a sporty lady who had just returned from the gym – not too difficult as Clavel is a gym bunny herself, and knows the feeling of getting home after a fitness session. She was then asked to use the Sleep.London products, and even met with Rebecca – now there’s a good contact to have. Clavel said, “Overall, it was so much fun. I feel like I gained so much more experience as a model and I’m ready for a similar experience in the future.”

Abinaya was keen to echo Clavel’s feedback, saying, “I had my first shoot organised by Models Direct this week for the launch of Sleep.London and ProBloUK, and it was a great first shoot!! Everyone on set made me feel comfortable and I felt reassured the entire shoot. Overall, I loved the first experience and now feel confident to do more!”

Commercial modelling is a fabulous opportunity for lots of models, and we have plenty of assignments that are screaming out for people JUST LIKE YOU! Whilst this specific job required female models, we have a reserve of commercial modelling assignments for both men and children of all ages – we can’t promise you’ll be promoting nightwear, but we guarantee you’ll have fun, be well looked after and want to do more! Click here for more modelling tips and advice.

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