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Published: 9th May 2023

Dogs may well be a man’s best friend, but cats are everyone’s best friend. Whether curled up at one’s feet on a wintry night or roaming gardens in an inquisitive predatory manner, our feline companions make for superb pets.  

Approximately 10.5 million of Brits own a cat, which speaks volumes. This popularity is echoed in advertising campaigns throughout all media channels – and the best thing about it is that those campaigns need cats to be the star of the show. Well, you wouldn’t choose humans or dogs to advertise cat food, right?

Apply to be a model

Cats have been used as models for decades. Felix is an obvious example, but there are plenty of big-hitting brands out there who have also benefited from cat modelling – many of which have absolutely no association with fur, whiskers or paws. It just proves that cats have a laid-back universal attraction which appeals to global audiences. And your cat could be a Felix-in-the-making! Now, there’s paws for thought.

No, not my cat? And why not? We’re as committed to providing our clients with pet models as we are to ensuring our human models are taken care of. Just take a look at our rave reviews:

Speaking of Felix, our super cat model, Duchess, starred recently in adverts for the cat food brand, which is manufactured by Purina. Duchess was invited to pose in various homemade items, and she was puurfect for the role. Instantly at ease in her surroundings, Duchess proved once again that cats – like most animals – are irreplaceable in certain advertising campaigns. 

Hire a model

There are many feline characteristics that brands know all too well, so they use them to their own advantage. When we think of cats, what immediately comes to mind? Consider these cat-like qualities, and see if you can think of a particular advert, theme or campaign that might utilise them:

  • Alertness.
  • Keen eyesight.
  • Opportunist.
  • Satisfaction (“the cat that got the cream”).
  • Well-being and general quality of life.
  • Coordination and balance (ever seen a cat fall off a wall and not land on its feet?!)
  • Spontaneity / impulsiveness.

(We’ve come up with our own suggestions at the end of this blog).

Before you think about putting your “tabby or tom” forward for modelling assignments, these three plus points could give you the nudge in the right direction:

  1. Cats can be easily transported when required.
  2. Toys and other accessories may not be needed to occupy your cat, although owners know best!
  3. Generally, cat breeds have a more consistent temperament than dogs and other animals – thus making them ideal candidates for pet modelling. 

If your cat is placed deservedly on our books, they’ll receive their own modelling coordinator. After that, we’ll take care of everything. We want your cat to be a hit with our clients just as much as you, so why not be one of the 10 million+ cat owners with a fabulously famous feline?

Okay, here are our suggestions for which type of advert or campaign might use each cat’s attributes:

  • Alertness – caffeine / coffee / energy drinks adverts
  • Keen eyesight – driving safety campaigns
  • Opportunist – anti-theft / security products
  • Satisfaction – confectionery adverts
  • Well-being and general quality of life – life insurance
  • Coordination and balance – fitness / sporting brands
  • Spontaneity / impulsiveness – booking a last-minute holiday (we wish!)

See – there’s far more to cat modelling than cat food!  

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