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Published: 21st Jan 2023

Once upon a time we lived in a world without things like a mobile phone and the internet. Any 80’s kids’ reading this, hands up please! If you’re a millennial like myself, you’ll know what life was like before the time of the technological revolution… and after.

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Now, our world looks a whoooole lot different. It’s pretty amazing what creative geniuses have put their minds to and the massive impact it has made on pretty much each and every single one of our lives. Think YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and other innovative tech.

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With sharing video content, mega giant YouTube has been reigning this market for the past 17 years, and it’s nothing short of stopping any time soon. We’re pressing that red and white app button on our devices to get it fired up and start our journey checking out live streams, shorts and conventional videos all under one roof. It’s pretty difficult not to as it’s available everywhere. YouTube’s extremely comprehensive and houses every topic you can think of thanks to the 800 million (or quite possibly more) videos that exist! Pretty unbelievable but it’s true.

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Our modelling agency, Models Direct, joined YT (yup, YouTube for short) back in 2009 (25th February!) and we’ve been focusing on getting video content out there for our audience to catch onto our agency’s mission – representing all real people as professional (paid) models. We’ve got a relaxed approach and value self-love, self-care and mental well-being even before they were a thing, not to forget diversity and inclusion. These areas are fundamental points of our business which make it wholesome and realistic.

Seeing the years go by and the number of assignments that land on our desks and now more frequently, in our inboxes, we know that this angle wasn’t just a dream. It’s established – the vision, the mission, the accomplishment.

With 119,249 views, 123 videos and 797 subscribers and counting, we’re on YT so do have a look at our videos and shorts. Our talented models regularly fill us in on their onset work where it’s all happening whilst talking about their experience from an enriching perspective. We also take a look at modelling life from our own point of view with footage of the latest assignments our business has helped with. Want to find out more? Hit, smash or click that subscribe button (whichever style suits you!) and keep yourself up to date with our fresh content on YT.

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