Published: 21st Jul 2021

What better way to forget about the doom and gloom of lockdown than working for a nationwide company on behalf of a top London agency? That’s exactly what the Semedo family did – keeping within their social bubble remit and putting their skills to good use in paid work. Who said lockdown should mean a halt to enjoyable work?

The Academy – the aforementioned PR agency – has several clients, one of which is Morrisons. The Yorkshire store is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, and are always looking to grow their business and increase brand awareness. Step up the five-strong team that is the Semedos!

The Hull-based family were chosen to star in the supermarket’s advertising campaign after it spent over £16 million updating all its cafés (for those interested in retail, Morrisons has close to 500 stores and 406 cafés). With such a significant upgrade, it’s no wonder Morrisons wanted the best suited family for their needs. The Semedos – take a bow!

The family were needed to pose for stills in York, to advertise the fact that people in England and Wales could dine inside at cafés and restaurants from May 17th. The supermarket spent their budget on updating all décor, new menus and COVID safety measures and general renovations. The new menus were to celebrate the end of lockdown restrictions, whilst the increase in COVID safety practices speaks for itself!

This was the second family modelling assignment for the Hull family. The Semedos gave us their valuable feedback: “We honestly couldn’t be happier with the agency. Yesterday was our second assignment and once again it was a great experience. With Charlie on the other side, everything is stress-free as she is always ready to clarify any questions / concerns and wastes no time in keeping us updated. Charlie is always very supportive and professional. We are looking forward to the next assignment.”

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Could you be the next family to star in photo shoots across the UK?

Family modelling continues to be one of the most sought after types of modelling, from commercial campaigns to small, local businesses. Councils and government agencies are also keen to snap up amicable and enthusiastic families to get their advertising points across to the public.

If you’re a member of a family with aspirations of joining our band of models, you could be in the limelight just as the Semedos were. What’s stopping you? You’ve everything to gain and, wonderfully, you’ll be “keeping it in the family”. It’s a no brainer!

For more information, click on the link below to unlock a whole new family experience. You’ll be earning money as a family that’s paid within five working days of your assignment, which could be put to use for a well-deserved holiday (depending on restrictions!)

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