Published: 30th Mar 2022

We’re no strangers to working with high-end clients, and this assignment only proves the point further.

When photographer Matthew Donaldson approached us looking for the ideal starpet to photograph for the latest Mulberry campaign, we immediately thought of Puddin – an adorable long-haired rabbit. Puddin needed to be a certain size, shape and look. Fortunately, the Models Direct booking team knew exactly what Mulberry were after, and Puddin was indeed the star of the show. The brief of the assignment was that Puddin needed to climb in and out of a new Mulberry handbag – a Small Bryn Tote handbag to be precise, as part of Mulberry’s Summer Khaki Heavy Grain collection. 

Mulberry couldn’t wait to post the photograph on their Facebook pages, under the tagline, “We’re pretty sure we can help you pull something out of the hat (or bag) this gifting season.” Puddin was captured inside the handbag, with an inquisitive face poking out. One of the brand’s many followers stated, “I want the rabbit!” Sorry, but Puddin is not for sale!

On the company’s Twitter pages, Puddin can be seen in a short film clip ambling through the bag’s handles. Any animal presence in advertising campaigns can only enhance its impact, and if that animal happens to be as cute as Puddin, then it’s a clear win-win for all! 

Most – if not all – larger brands will augment their campaigns with social media posts. This is nothing new, although the ploy is growing year after year. There are now more social media platforms than ever before, and brands are keen to utilise them to their advantage. And why not? Add in a cute and memorable animal like Puddin, and the campaign becomes that extra more effective.

The “Mulberry and Puddin” show is a clear example of what we do best: understanding a brief by a global company, and supplying the best model for their needs. A stunning rabbit like Puddin was exactly what Mulberry was looking for, as the bunny’s looks complemented the brand’s luxury status. It’s not just humans that make our clients smile!

We’ve been highlighting our “Starpets” for a few years now, and this highly sought-after genre of modelling has been snowballing ever since (a bit like a brand’s presence on social media pages). Animals starring in marketing campaigns linger long in the mind, even though dialogue is rarely used. Market research confirms that remarkable animals are held in high esteem by companies of all sizes, and they’ll undoubtedly remain indispensable for our forward-thinking clients in the future.

But why do our clients ask for their perfect animal? Well, both reason and emotion play huge parts in an advert’s success, and animals are strong persuasive tools that are often more effective than humans. Animals like Puddin hold our attention. They can stir emotions that other marketing tools cannot. Animals work.

Why not introduce your pet to us this year? We have the clients, so don’t be shy (even if your beloved pet may be). 2022 could be a big year for you and your pet, and – who knows? – your pet could be our next super Starpet.  

IMAGE CREDIT: Matthew Donaldson

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