NHS Professionals

Published: 16th Nov 2021

What can we say about our National Health Service?

Ever since it was instigated in 1948, our NHS has coped with highs and lows, selflessly treating the great British public with the efficiency and expertise that has become synonymous with this great institution.

With well over 1.3 million employees, our NHS is one of the largest employers in the world – certainly in the UK. This alone makes Models Direct proud to provide a model for their advertising needs; to supply a model for such a fine establishment is even more rewarding.

But for one of our many modelling requests, it wasn’t just one model that shone in another successful campaign. No, in fact the NHS required 19 models to star in videos and promotional material for their website. Now, that is something to sing from the hospital rooftops!

Imagine how many people log onto the NHS website each day. We don’t know the exact number, but we bet it’ll be in the thousands. Multiple that figure by 30 for a monthly estimate, then multiply that by 12 to come up with an annual estimate. We’re probably talking about millions of viewers every year, folks!

So when the NHS approached us with their modelling narrative, we knew we had to put forward the best models that would fit the bill – like we do for every client request we receive. It certainly kept our brilliant booking team on their toes…

The NHS needed our crew of models to work their talented magic in London. The idea was that some of our 19 models would pose as NHS professionals (stethoscopes optional). The remainder of the gifted group would perform as patients (crutches optional). This was to create a realistic setting with which the photographers could work, and to produce the most fitting training video to be viewed by prospective and current NHS staff. In all, it was a campaign that we were all delighted to be a part of, from putting forward our models to receiving all the heart-warming feedback.

Speaking of which, here are some model’s feedback upon completion of their assignment in the capital:

“I filmed for an NHS information video and was filmed using various facilities around the hospital. I gained new insight into what it’s like to be an actor, as well as gaining confidence. My advice would be to join an agency, which is a very useful move, and to maintain a quality and up-to-date portfolio. I am always on the Models Direct website and social media to keep an eye out for jobs – being proactive is really important. I joined Models Direct to gain more experience and pursue my dream career as an actor and model, and they’ve really helped me to progress in this field.”

Right, let’s concentrate on a couple of things before moving on to the next feedback. Models should take two points from this fabulous feedback:

1. Updating your portfolio is vital to show us your most current skills and looks. It’s your responsibility, and models should treat it as essential!

2. Being hands-on, upbeat and proactive really does pay dividends. Keep your Instagram photos current, and tell us about your social media following! Keep abreast of our website uploads (and very regular they are, too!)

Moving on to Janelle’s feedback:

“I enjoyed working in London for the NHS’s latest video shoot. I felt at ease and everything was quite simple. Everyone was really nice and we all had a good time working together. I would recommend signing up to Talent Management to anyone looking for industry experience and to add to your CV. Thanks!” No, thank you, Janelle!

And to complete the evaluation, let’s hear from Immy’s parents:

“Immy had a great time shooting with the NHS for their new advertising material. She was a little star and the cameraman was surprised she was new to acting and modelling! Thanks, Models Direct!”

See what you can do with a little confidence and commitment? You could be the next star in one of our many, many modelling assignments. And with Christmas just around the corner, there are plenty to choose from!

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