Night before the big shoot

Published: 7th Feb 2020

So you’ve been hired for a photo shoot, brilliant! But how do you prepare for it? Here are some tips that I found useful.

Spa day at home

This is making sure you are clean and fresh, ready for your model shoot. I find getting into the bath with plenty of bubbles, vanilla scented candles and chilled out music in the background is the perfect way to get relaxed before a big shoot the following day. While you’re in the bath, put on a facemask. Best time to put on a facemask because you can wash it off in the bath just as you’re about to get out. Try and get a hydrating facemask, as this will keep your skin looking fresh and clear of any blemishes. I have always heard of people cutting up cucumber and putting the slices on their eyes as this hydrates the eyes when the facemask cant and … it actually works!! Give it a go.

Its all hair

You need to make sure your hair is looking clean and in good condition for your shoot (unless advised otherwise). Get yourself a good hair mask or better yet, go to your food cupboard and get out the olive/coconut oil… trust me, it works just as good! Soak your hair in the oil or mask and let it absorb all the vitamins and nutrients.

Claws and paws

Make sure your nails are all cut and filed down to a suitable length. This all depends on how they would like your nails; they may ask you to paint them a certain colour. If they don’t, keep the colour either clear or nude.

Keep Hydrated

It is important to drink lots of water throughout the day Keeps you hydrated and promotes healthy skin.

Beauty sleep

This is the most important thing and is my favorite beauty routine. Always try to get at least 6-8 hours sleep as this will help improve the health of your skin. It is very noticeable when someone hasn’t had enough sleep as they will have dark eyes and dull looking skin. Prep your skin over night with your favourite moisturiser and an eye cream and plenty of lip balm to ensure your lips isn’t dry.

So if you can do all the above the night before, you’ll be ready and prepared for your shoot.

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