Night Owl: Another Assignment, Another Success

Published: 21st Jul 2022

We continue to deliver models so that brands can enjoy the art of storytelling through marketing. 

Forget the demands of the morning when you have Night Owl’s range of coverless blankets waiting for you to snuggle into. The luscious, I-don’t-need-to-worry-about-changing-the-covers duvet (hence the meaning behind “coverless“) is a brand that understands duvet changers’ pain points. It’s certainly one less thing to worry about in this busy busy busy world with our on-the-go lifestyle. Switching duvet sets can be a pain so this innovative yet simple concept is a breath of fresh air.

Our first-time female model, Carol, stepped in to feature Night Owl’s gorgeous collection as they approached us seeking a mature model for their next marketing campaign. She was a masterstroke of casting. This was no daydream or no snooze that was muddled with reality, this was really happening! We were eager to dive in, connect Carol to Night Owl’s marketing team and make it a spectacular and memorable assignment with the potential of drifting away into a comfy, deep sleep. Land of Nod, here we come with many thanks to Night Owl.

Carol travelled to Manchester and collaborated with Trunk BBI, the creative agency involved in getting the content composed and compiled for this brand and behind many other leading companies. The spark and imagination led by this driven agency really helped create a wonderful outcome for the luxury lifestyle brand.

Our leading lady

Carol was sensational! She made the work look effortless as she immersed herself in the beautiful images and promotional video advertising the company’s latest range. She conveyed the story meaningfully and was spot on with every shot and movement of being a Night Owl consumer tucked into a gorgeous blanket. She went over and beyond, exceeding expectations and showing us that mature models beautifully exude wisdom and confidence.

Carol had a lot to say about her first assignment and was happy to share this with us. She fondly expressed her experience right here:

First photo shoot…

I had a lovely day participating in a promotional shoot for Night Owl luxury bedding. I had plenty of support from Gemma and Nicola, the clients, models and other members of the team throughout the day. It was very relaxed and I can’t wait to see the results of the photo shoot. Gemma kept in touch throughout through telephone conversations and e-mails. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Female model Carol on set

A big thanks to Carol…we are lucky to have you! We cannot wait to connect her to more upcoming projects. 

Keeping it real and relatable 

We see all our projects as being achievements and milestones accomplished time after time. Night Owl is just one example of our recent successes but we have thousands of others with whom we have helped connect relatable and real models over our 30-year reign as a leading modelling agency. You can read about some exciting collabs in our extensive blog section – bring it on!

So, whether your modelling brief requests you’re an early bird or a night owl, we’ll let you know. The choice of projects is down to you and if you do or don’t want to go ahead, we’ll always stand by your decisions and choices.

Models Direct have lots of modelling opportunities that come through our doors, and it’s set to grow over the summer. Could the next one be yours? Sign up to find out. We’re certain you’ll love it! You can follow us on social media to track MD’s 2022 and learn more about us and what we do. See you on the other side…

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