Published: 12th Oct 2021

Our promotional models take modelling to another level with Penhaligon’s.

Penhaligon’s is a timeless British perfumer founded in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon’s. With their gorgeous luxury scents filling the air with rustic charm and sweet fragrances for many years, they have established a strong presence in the perfume market. Fun fact: Did you know that he was a Cornish barber who relocated to London and became Court Barber and Perfumer to Queen Victoria? 

Penhaligon’s has branched out internationally making them an acclaimed brand so we didn’t want to miss a grand experience for our models when they approached us requesting three promotional models. 

Our lucky models – Tegan, Tommy and James – were selected to run their campaign in London and interact with the public. Besides the central London flagship store in Covent Garden, the models also worked at the Regent Street and Mayfair branches, so it was a very busy day for the trio. Their role was to stand outside the three different stores dressed in 1920s inspired paperboy attire and hand out the ‘Penhaligon Times’ to passersby. The company wanted to get our models noticed and they did. Tegan, Tommy and James played the part by enticing people to take a look at the store’s newspaper, have a chat about their products and go into the shops to try out their fragrances. This assignment was an overall success as our models seamlessly directed foot traffic into those stores where interest and sales boomed. 

Tegan provided us with a much appreciated in-depth recount of the day. Here it is – happy reading! 

“I had such a fun time doing the promotional modelling job for Penhaligon’s Perfumers in London, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if the opportunity came up. I was nervous at first but knowing my lines and being ready for the job helped with my confidence.

I was asked to stand outside the store in an 1820’s paperboy outfit, approach people as they walked past and tell them more about Penhaligon’s and the products. The most exciting part was speaking to all sorts of people and hearing what they thought of it all as well as being complimented on the outfit.

 I would recommend other models and aspiring actors to do promotional work, it’s a great environment, interacting with people will help increase your confidence for future jobs.

My advice to anyone wanting to do this sort of work is always to have a good attitude no matter the situation, be chatty, confident, positive, and it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

I decided to join Models Direct because I had read lots of good stuff from them and they always keep you up to date with everything. It’s my ambition to become a model and actor, and Models Direct is helping me make my dreams come true!!!” – Tegan

James also shared his experience as a paperboy for the day, chatting in his best cockney accent, right here:

“Working for Penhaligon’s was a new and exciting opportunity which I thoroughly enjoyed. Being from Edinburgh originally I must have walked past the store a hundred times and always wondered what the brand was all about. The assignment involved dressing in 1870’s attire in the character of a paperboy to hand out the ‘Penhaligon Times’ and get people into the store to try samples. It’s safe to say the experience was well outside my comfort zone and whilst it was a cold weekend I had a great time chatting to people and seeing people smile when they saw me handing out the papers in a cockney accent. I would recommend this experience to everyone and also say that Models Direct are a fantastic agency to source promotional work from!” – James

Finally, Tommy lends his experience to our readers here so that we’re in the loop of how his day went:

Penhaligon’s London was the client for this promotional assignment and the pay was excellent! We were asked to interact with passers-by and hand out the store’s newspaper, the public was very responsive to our 1920’s paperboy costumes and the energy outside of the shop was fantastic. I also made a fantastic friend with the other Talent Management model working with me. I highly recommend Talent Management to everyone. Marie on the booking team was there for me and my teammate every step of the way! Can’t praise the agency anymore! – Tommy

If you liked reading this and relishing in the experiences of our models, apply today to become a Models Direct promotional model. We’re sure you’ll love every second of it – a world full of possibilities at the click of the register button. So go on, hit that key now and fill in your details. 

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