Pet Lab Co: Another PETacular Success

Published: 5th Sep 2023

There’s a pet wellness brand that goes beyond the usual range of pet products. Who might that be, you ask. Drum roll, please…

Pet Lab Co! Pet Lab Co know all about woofer and pupper well-being

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This company was founded in 2018 (you’re right, not too long ago) but is already reaching new heights with high-quality products including vital canine supplements, grooming supplies and extras, because let’s face it, your pup is worth every bit of TLC that comes its way. Joint health, digestive health, immune boosting goodies, along with shampoos, conditioners, combs and brushes, they’ve got it all planned out down to a tee with vitamin-rich supplements and best-in-class supply.

Models Direct are thrilled to be part of another animal booking success where this company was specifically searching for model dogs to promote their e-commerce material with a loud woof on their website and social media content. It’s all been about promoting Pet Lab Co’s latest products with their target user – our four-legged friends – in mind. As specific as their request has been, the MD team has been there to help!

Our team is glad they navigated our way as our modelling agency has a dedicated Star Pets division for our super cute pet models. (We’re not being biassed, you should check out our pet profiles!) We cover all species but one that is particularly popular in our books and is often requested by a plethora of companies are…yes, you’ve guessed it…dogs!!! There’s a high demand and we match this by putting forward canine cuties that fit the bill.

We shortlisted, they selected, and viola, and we got a little crew of adorable dogs ready for the lights, camera and action!

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So what did our dogs get up to on the job? Trying out natural, premium ingredients, that’s what? Did they enjoy it? No, they loved it! Our pups were exposed to the healthy, mighty and self-care animal stuff to showcase the brand’s vision and goals – to get your canine at its optimum health because that’s what you do when you love your animal. You’ll do anything it takes to make sure they’re at the best level of health, living their best life.

Here are some behind the scenes pics of our pet model Sashimi (RMQG-4769) on set with Pet Lab Co. Check out all the fun they had in these images: 

What a busy day! SO much fun and play for Sashimi!

Another puppy had an action packed day on set with Pet Lab Co too! This gorgeous little one is new to the scene and as a young pup the brand knew that they might not behave like that of an older, trained canine. Even so, the booking went so well, and the brief was super cute too – the puppy was on a mission to give a birthday surprise to the Pet Lab Co office! Hip hip hooray!

Added bonus: there’s also an image of one of our Star Pets used in a recent photoshoot for their website! It’s been busy with our amazing collab, that’s for sure!

Our lead heroes had a barking time on set shooting their stills for the brand. We caught up with their owners, and here’s what they had to say:

“Louis had his first photo shoot via Models Direct and it was great. Charlie was super helpful and professional, and the team we worked with on the shoot were absolutely fantastic and friendly. Thanks for the opportunity” – Louis with Harry.

“An amazing day, thank you Models Direct and especially Charlie who reassured me and was always easy to get hold of for any questions.”

“A fantastic day for myself and my lovely lab who enjoyed all the fuss and attention. The assignment was full of fun and lovely people who made us both feel so relaxed. One of my best days out this year!” – Bo with Nickie.

Thanks, guys! We really value your time for feedback and your pooch’s time in the spotlight. MD checked out the final stills, and our team was so impressed we just couldn’t stop smiling! Seeing our star pets, and their familiar faces, just melts our hearts and makes us feel gooey inside. Well, we think you know what we mean!

There’s no denying – animals are gor-geous! We can’t emphasise it enough! Some companies, like Pet Lab Co, are really in tune with dogs, providing them with the best health and development support. It’s no wonder that when a new marketing campaign hits their advertising boardroom meeting (wherever that might be) that real dogs are employed to do the job. Our little group of stars made it wonderful not only for themselves or their owner but for the company.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and we’d love to do it again! Keep checking out our socials – blogs and platforms – for more booking blogs like this one. There’s plenty more of where this has come from so more for you to tuck into!!! Keep reading more blogs, watching shorts or exploring our website to get an understanding of what it’s like for a puppy model in our industry…happy reading!

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