Poundland – Promotional Modelling for the British Variety Store Chain 

Published: 15th Mar 2023

Don’t you love walking into a store knowing that pretty much everything you need will be there sitting on the shelves and aisles, and even better, at a single price of £1? Poundland has become that bargain store we love shopping at, and when we go in, we know we’ll be coming out with probably a lot more than we anticipated! So, it’s understandable that our modelling agency, Models Direct, was the recipient of sheer delight when we weren’t just customers browsing through the bustling aisles of this chain store but when our team were contacted by the bargain retail giant calling for our talented models to be the fragrant stars of their promotional modelling campaign. Here’s our story of working with Poundland…  

The beginnings

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We’ll go back a bit and tell you a little about Poundland’s history. The bargain chain store first opened its pilot store back in December 1990 (pretty much around the same time Models Direct entered the modelling industry!) Being the category killer of the pound shop formation in the UK, it has firmly cemented its name amongst those thriving on our local high streets. With over 892 stores across the nation and a net worth of over £12 million, it seems like this Poundland dream is here to continue serving us with dreamy products and bargain prices.  

The promotional modelling campaign

Our assignment was pre-Covid so we are reminiscing here, but also reminding ourselves as well as our readers that yes, our models have participated in some great initiatives over our 30 years of modelling history but are readying themselves for future projects too. Luckily, this industry hasn’t been deeply affected by the hard hit of the pandemic so we have seen a steady workflow of modelling assignments where new and existing models have been chosen for paid work. 

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With this project, Talker Tailor Trouble Maker (a creative PR firm for brands) worked with us closely to bring the assignment to life and make it happen. They are a clever and wonderful bunch of creatives who are ready to show the world just how PR is done – no gimmicks, no time drains, just building strong partnerships (just the way we work too!)

The cameras got rolling for our models: Aaron, Saied, Sam, Goitom, Lauren, Clare and Aishwarya, who were all ready for their promotional assignment to market new fragrances to customers. The action took place in spa town Harrogate and they did a smashing job (no perfume bottles were damaged on set!) taking on promotional modelling like pros with live-action selling skills being captured by the cameras. This was commercial modelling at its very best but live and happening. Spritzing gorgeously scented perfumes in the Poundland store for the video shoot joined by lots of laughs and enjoyable times, our models certainly created memorable and distinct footage for the popular store. The vibrant models got on so well, they translated harmoniously on screen and off which was a success. We couldn’t have been prouder of their professionalism and how wonderful the end product turned out for Poundland. With Talker Tailor Trouble Maker by their side, this assignment really couldn’t have gone any better. How do we know? Well, read our models’ comments on how their day went. 

Today I had my first experience with Models Direct, which involved public interaction advertising new fragrances. The organisation and communication meant that the day ran smoothly, meaning I felt at ease with the demands of the job at hand. I would definitely recommend the company to others with an interest in this type of work and it would be a pleasure to experience work with the company again in the future. – Aaron

Another great day even though it was freezing but we could warm it up during the shooting with loads of laughs and talks with the people around.

Been to Harrogate Mall at the Town centre for a commercial video and shooting for @poundland introducing new fragrances.

A huge thanks to Models Direct for the arrangement and the chance.

For sure I can’t forget to say A big thanks to Molly, as usual, she makes everything easier 🙏🏻💥😁❤️ – Saied

Video shoot commercial for Poundland in Harrogate. I’ve just had a great experience on my second assignment with Models Direct, thank you to Molly for giving me this opportunity. I have enjoyed the experience, the guys made me feel welcome. It was 2 hours but it felt like one. The photographers were very good and the other models were really easy going. I can’t wait for my next assignment!!! – Goitom

I had a great day filming and shooting for Poundland fragrances.

We were made to feel very welcome and everyone got on really well.

Really enjoyed it, thank you so much! – Lauren

I had a great day today at Poundland in Harrogate everyone was amazing! I even sold lots of perfume which is a bonus! – Clare

Recently completed an assignment, it was a commercial and the experience was really great. It was professional yet warm and welcoming. I truly enjoyed it. Looking for more. – Aishwarya

So there you have it, readers. Our advice for anyone interested in taking on a modelling career: any experience is valuable and beneficial to help you attain the modelling skills that’ll come in handy whenever your look is called for. For all the latest modelling scoop, stay tuned and get social with Models Direct!

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