Power Up with a Power Nap

Published: 15th Jun 2020

A power nap can provide us with a supercharged surge of energy that our bodies need. We might have an energy slump between 1 and 3pm so a power nap is just what our bodies need. This isn’t easy to achieve though as our busy lives dictate what our hours in the day will consist of, and having a nap usually isn’t one of those things.

If you’re a teen model you’ll probably have school or college lessons scheduled into your day, and if you’re a sportswear model or maternity model, you might have other work commitments to attend to. Whichever category of modelling you fit into, you’ll probably agree that napping won’t be at the top of your to-do list. 

However, now that we’re living through a lockdown we’ll probably have more time to dedicate to ourselves. From living a life of always keeping up with a manic timetable, maybe it’s time to take back time and regain the power from a power nap. We can try this out during lockdown (if we already haven’t been inclined to) so go ahead and discover some of the definite of power napping and Models Direct 3 easy steps. 

The benefits of a power nap

Napping during the day gives you a chance to recharge your batteries that your mind and body need to stay healthy and alert. Sometimes we don’t get a good night’s sleep and continue our day as normal. We don’t get the chance to sit back and relax so we wait until it’s bedtime to start the process all over again. Whatever your unique circumstance may be for not getting in enough sleep (between 7 to 9 hours for a healthy adult), here’s why you should consider a power nap:

1. It can increase your motor skills, helping you to become more alert at home and at work. 

2. Naps can improve your performance and stamina. 

3. It can reduce stress and blood pressure according to the European Society of Cardiology.

Power nap bonus: Because power naps have the power to lower your stress hormone, cortisol, this can in turn improve your emotional well-being and promote overall better health. 

Our mini guide on how to power nap

1. Find a comfortable spot to power nap 

Find a place in your living environment that’s comfortable and relaxing. 

2. Switch off all devices

It’s hard to shut down when you have your smartphone buzzing next to you and we’re certain it will! As tempting as it is to check, switch off all your devices and set your timer for 30 minutes. 

Top tip: If you need to use your mobile as a timer, switch your wi-fi and mobile data off or better still, take everything into flight mode so that way SMS alerts won’t funnel through whilst keeping your phone’s notification ringer on and up. 

3. Spritz some lavender spray 

If you’ve got a bottle at home, use it when you’re about to have that nap. It will help promote a calm environment, relaxing your senses and helping you to drift off. 

So, recharge your batteries by powering up with a beneficial power nap to boost your energy levels for the rest of your day. 

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