Pro Blo Self-Love Campaign

Published: 20th Dec 2020

Pro Blo, one of the hottest hair brands in the hair and beauty industry, collaborated with another great brand, Flamingo Candles, to promote a young, current and worthy self-love campaign – BE MORE YOU! And to be honest, who doesn’t deserve some much-needed TLC by practising self-love, self-care and to be more you? 

You’re in for a real treat with this blog if you’re looking to boost self-love. Pro Blo is one of the hottest hair brands in the hair and beauty industry. Launched in Liverpool 2014, the award-winning DIY blow dry brush has been making customers hair curly and keeping them happy. With their collab with Flamingo Candles, Pro Blo has been rocking it by being part of a memorable launch to promote self-love. And guess who they came to when they needed four female models aged between 22 to 30 to help with their campaign? That’s right – Models Direct!  

Pro Blo requested for real women to market their new collab, and we were on point with connecting our four female models to them. We had the absolute pleasure of showcasing our star models, Lydia, Emily, Paige and Samantha, who were perfect for the assignment. They were selected because they were relatable, fun and real!

The social media campaign was sensational for both brand’s Instagram platforms, each already having an impressive following. With Pro Blo’s 173K followers and Flamingo Candles 42.8K followers, this union was set to be an instant hit, and it turned out to be just that! Even our own Instagram page did fabulously well. (Click here to explore more about our agency).

Being on set in Wirral, our Models Direct models had a great time with both brands and keeping in touch with us throughout their modelling assignment. We’ve got their wonderful feedback on how it all went. Read on if you’d like to find out more and check in on how it went without having to imagine it.

Lydia was captured on set, behind the scenes getting ready for a photoshoot. Her review of the experience is right here:

“I took part in a photoshoot for ‘Pro Blo’ in collaboration with Flamingo Candles. A wonderful experience and super fun! Everyone on set was so friendly and made me feel really at ease! Charlie at Models Direct who organised everything for us was on hand whenever you needed any info or help from her, which made this whole experience so enjoyable. It was the best photoshoot I’ve ever done and I can’t wait for the next!” – Lydia

Sam had lots to say about her assignment, as seen below:

“Had a great time on Wednesday shooting a campaign for @problogroup! Despite the 4 am wake up call and a 3-hour drive to Liverpool, I was greeted with smiling faces and very exciting energy!The team were fantastic and the other models were so friendly and fun! We had an incredible time 😁 My biggest thank you though, goes to Charlie at MD – she was always just a call away, made me feel so comfortable and excited for the campaign, kept me informed at all times and if anything went wrong then I knew I could call her and she’d have my back. It’s amazing to be able to develop a relationship like that with your agent and I really look forward to working with her again. Thank you Models Direct, Pro Blo, the other 3 models and (especially) Charlie for making Wednesday such a wonderful experience! ‘Til next time! Xxx” Sam

Emily explains how her day went:

“So this was my first ever job with models direct and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be my last! All the team on the day were amazing, to say the least. The girls at the pro blo shoot were so warm, welcoming and made us girls feel comfortable even though we got on so well anyway it was just an added bonus to such a great day. Charlie at MD was fantastic in every way, she really made me feel excited about the whole thing from the beginning, kept me up to date with all information and just so great to speak to. What a great representative of the team! Thank you so much”Emily x

Finally, Paige ended with her lovely review:

“I took part in a photoshoot for ‘ProBlo’ in collaboration with flamingo candles. ‘What a wonderful experience I had, and what lovely people to work with, everyone made me feel so special. Thank you to Charlie at Models Direct who organized it for me. Charlie was so helpful and made sure I enjoyed the experience. BEST PHOTOSHOOT EVER!! Thank you again to Models Direct for everything – much love Paige.”

Model Lydia with her assignment cheque

So there you have it, ladies and gents. If you enjoyed reading about these two big brands and want to launch a modelling career, get in touch with our agency today!

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