Promotional modelling can be a great way into the industry

Published: 1st Jun 2022

When we think of modelling, most of us conjure up images of famous faces promoting expensive products on the pages of glossy magazines or striking supermodels striding down catwalks.

But there is far more to modelling than that!

Commercial modelling is an industry with all sorts of different areas and opportunities, from commercial and lifestyle to fashion and body part.

Promotional modelling is perhaps less discussed, but it can provide a fantastic foothold into the industry.

It is an excellent way of stepping into a role, building confidence and learning to interact with others while also following instructions.

And, furthermore, it can be great fun and a superb way of earning a little extra money.

So, what is promotional modelling?

Promotional modelling sees models take on a very specific, live role in encouraging potential customers to engage with a specific company and to garner interest in a product or service being offered.

It is a form of advertising, but instead of appearing in photo or film shoots, the model is required to be there in person.

They might be asked to dress in a particular costume, talk to those attending an event about a product, encourage visitors to look at a particular stand or exhibition area or to hand out leaflets.

Sometimes, promotional models might be asked to demonstrate how a product works – at other times they might be asked to hand free samples out to members of the public.

Promotional models very often work in teams, but there are times they have individual roles.

Being a promotional model does take many would-be models out of their comfort zones, but, once they have had a successful promotional assignment, they often find they are more self-assured and much more prepared for other work.

Two of our models, Grace and Sharon, thoroughly enjoyed their experience of working as promotional models at the National Convenience Show at the world famous NEC.

Models Direct was asked by vaping company KangVAPE to suggest models we felt would be able to meet and greet visitors to the three-day exhibition.

As part of the promotional assignment, they were also required to hand out information and to inform those attending the event all about the product.

After the exhibition, we asked Grace and Sharon what the experience had been like.

Grace said: “I loved my time there. The first day I was really nervous, but the company and Charlie made it easy to get to know and settle into the environment. I was accompanied by another model and I was so happy to get along so well with her. I loved my entire time there and would happily do it 10 times over!”

And Sharon was just as enthusiastic.

“Working for Models Direct has been an amazing experience,” she agreed.

“At first, I was nervous because I had to model for a company at the NEC show and I had never done this before. However, as I got there, I met the team and they were very friendly and supportive.I was provided with a dress. There was also another model working alongside me. The best thing that happened from this modelling experience is that I gained an amazing friend. We had a laugh, explored the different booths together, and handed out free bags and leaflets. Not only this, but we also got a lot of freebies from the other companies – food, drinks, sweets, health products and accessories were all given out.”

She added: “It was a great experience. Charlie was so understanding.

“I felt confident enough to go ahead with it because of how friendly she was and how well she communicated with me over the phone.”

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