Rest, relaxation and a great modelling opportunity with Sleephub

Published: 7th Jan 2022

It’s not on every modelling assignment that you get to hop into bed and close your eyes for a few moments!

But this is exactly what happened when our models Imogen and Khaled took part in a day’s filming for a commercial crowdfunding video to promote a new portable sleep aid device.

Sleephub is a high-tech gadget that helps people to drift off to sleep, stay asleep and even get back to sleep.

The company behind it is now launching a portable version under the same brand and has mounted a crowdfunding campaign to help them do so…

Imogen and Khaled took on the roles of those using the device to ensure they have a good night’s sleep.

They acted in clips of film, showing them dozing off and waking up bright and fresh in the morning, that were then cut with scientific explanations of how the device works.

Imogen is an accomplished model who has worked for us before.

She enjoyed the experience and was pleased to have been offered the booking by Models Direct.

Afterwards, she said: “The team at Models Direct is always so helpful with providing the right level of information at the right time. It means that the jobs are always fun and completely hassle free! Charlie is great and super friendly too!”

Khaled also appreciated the professionalism, both from us here at Models Direct and from the team employed by Sleephub to make the video.

“I had a fantastic day doing a video shoot for a lovely client,” he reported back to us. “We both got on really well and I found the client very inspiring. Models Direct were super-efficient as always. The team kept us informed every step of the way and were so friendly. I love doing assignments for these guys.”

You can view the final Sleephub video here

If you think you could follow in the steps of Imogen or Khaled, then why not read what other models have said about their experiences with us, then get in touch?

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