RSPCA Assured

Published: 22nd Feb 2021

Here at Models Direct, we’re often asked to be involved with charities and other good causes. We jump at the chance to supply models for registered certifications and their third parties, because it means we help them spread their message throughout the nation.

One of these causes that continue their good work is RSPCA Assured – a scheme that replaced Freedom Food in 2014. Their mission statement is simple: to check that farm animals have been well cared for in line with welfare standards set out by the RSPCA. Currently, there are about 24 million terrestrial farm animals being farmed under the RSPCA Assured scheme – in addition to millions of trout and salmon.

What makes the scheme so important is that every part of the animal’s life is taken into consideration, from bedding and feeding, to transport through to the value of a humane slaughter. The assessors inspect indoor as well as outdoor farms, and the food products offered by successful businesses can then be labelled “RSPCA Assured”. No one can deny the scheme is hugely beneficial to animals and humans alike.

So when our client, Alex Caminada Photography, asked for a family and a couple (one female, one male), we had just the right candidates for the job. Enter the Friend family, our female model Claudia and male colleague Clement. They were asked to pose as normal people shopping for food offered by the RSPCA Assured scheme – then tucking into the delicious produce (here, our models excelled). This was another great example of commercial modelling, a type of modelling where anyone can succeed.

The four-hour photo shoot took place in Stroud, just a few miles from Gloucester, notable for its rural activities. All our models were given background information of Alex’s photography business by Molly and the rest of our bookings team, which helped them on the day. Alex’s daughter, Sasha, even assisted her father, and increased the enjoyment levels to what was always going to be a pleasing modelling assignment.

Clement was quick to give feedback on his morning’s modelling. “Thank you ever so much Molly for giving me the opportunity to take part in this amazing photo shoot for RSPCA. I had a great time surrounded by great people. It was four hours – but it felt like one. The photographer, Alex, was very good and the other models were really easy going. I cannot wait for my next job!”

Claudia was equally keen to applaud the assignment. “The assignment on Monday was a lot of fun, and I had a great time. Working with Alex was so comfortable as well as with the other models. The shoot was in a very casual setting and we managed to get everything the client wanted whilst having fun! I’m really looking forward to the next assignment for the same client, and working for Models Direct again.”

The Friend family said; “It was an early start to the day, but we were excited for the shoot and to see where the destination would be. The shoot was in Stroud, Gloucestershire, so thankfully it wasn’t too far from where we live. We’d worked with Alex, the photographer, before, but this time we were working with his daughter, Sasha, too, who was assisting with the shoot. They were really kind, helpful and funny and that really increased how fun the shoot was. We would love to do this kind of shoot or any other shoot again – maybe branching out on my own. All together it was a four-hour shoot, and we were given details of what Alex was after which always helps us. The house we worked in was beautiful; the atmosphere was amazing and very chilled, and the people lending to us were so nice and polite. It was such a blast and we’re looking forward to more shoots and furthering our careers.”

Supporting quality farmers who care for their livestock is of obvious importance to society. Working for the RSPCA proved once again that families are much in demand in the modelling world, and can be utilised in different photo shoots to deliver some of the most effective campaigns in modelling.

We know our clients well, and therefore we’re able to supply the best-matched models for each assignment. Using the RSPCA Assured scheme and farmers as an example, you might say we’re the best “in our field.” (Sorry – Ed.)

If you’re a close-knit family who thinks they have what it takes to become a modelling family, please get in touch with us. It could be the best decision you’ll make in 2021!   

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