Published: 5th Jul 2021

When one of the most trusted banks in the world needed models for their pension scheme promotion, they instantly called Models Direct HQ for the best possible talent. And did we deliver? Did we ever!

We love placing both aspiring and established models with our vast range of clients, whether they’re a new local business, government body or a private company used by millions of people around the world. We don’t place any greater emphasis on a “one-man-band” start-up venture than, say, a recognised brand known globally. To us, each booking is as important as the next

Sometimes, though, we have to smile when selecting models for a company with a multi-billion dollar revenue. Santander fits in nicely with our high-profile clients, and we were only too happy to assist in their pension commercial in London – one of the largest financial centre in the world. It was the perfect setting for a successful shoot focusing on retirement funds.

Our trio of models were very excited at the prospect of appearing in the bank’s brochure, posing as a happy family. Who wouldn’t be excited by a day’s work in our capital, earning modelling brownie points along the way?!

Rachel, Gavin and Claire were asked to pose in various London locations, including Greenwich and Battersea Park. Their primary task was to act as commercial models – these are models used to portray “everyday” people to help get a message across to the general population. Discover more about this accessible type of modelling by clicking here.

Upon completion of the day’s shooting, we were swamped with feedback from three very happy models! Rachel was the first to give her evaluation of her “capital” experience.

“I spent the day with two other models shooting a commercial for a Santander UK group pension scheme. The shots showcased family fun, in which I played the daughter role. We filmed a variety of different scenes including shopping at Greenwich Market and drinking coffee at a café.

“This was my first job with the agency and I received excellent guidance. I was prepped well before the shooting date with all the necessary information. The day of the shoot itself was efficiently organised and run professionally. A fantastic experience!”

Claire was next to give her useful feedback

“The shoot for the Santander Pension Scheme website was a great experience. I enjoyed the day and would like to thank Models Direct for getting me the job!

“Everything was well organised; I was given plenty of notice and sent clear details and information about the shoot. At the location we were met by a representative, who was extremely professional and accommodating. The other models and I were well looked-after and given adequate breaks and plenty of food! The photographer and director were both good to work with, giving clear explanations, encouragement and feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed being creative on set with my lovely “family”. Thank you again Models Direct for a brilliant day’s work.”

Last but definitely not least was the onset “dad”, Gavin. He commented; “Excellent communication from Models Direct for my assignment in Greenwich. I was given lots of notice of what to do and where to be, so I felt very confident on the day. The client who we spent the day with was really nice – completing lots of shots for an internal promotion scheme. The directions were easy to follow, and I was really impressed with the client and the Models Direct booking team. I’m looking forward to more to come in the future!”

Ahh…is there anything better than a happy family?

So, if you have the desire and talent to star in a global company’s marketing plan, you could be one our next commercial models. You have nothing to lose! Whether your assignment is for a big-hitter like Santander or a local business just down the road, we’ll guarantee that you’ll enjoy the experience. In fact, we’ll bank on it!

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