Second-hand Chic – Where to Look for Great Finds


Published: 11th Mar 2020

These days fashion is not all about the brand new – in fact, the new “new” is now the “old.”

With concerns for the environment and many of us keen to save pennies, seeking out some special second-hand items can tick many of our boxes.

Opting for pre-loved rather than never-worn can also result in sensational, model fashion looks.

Furthermore, buying second-hand items from certain places can also mean helping out your favourite charities and finding things that are just that little bit different.

Second-hand can be chic – you just have to know where to look.

Charity Shops

Wander the high streets near where you live, and you are sure to discover a broad array of different charity shops. And you will soon find which of these can be real gold mines.

Would-be fashion models might like to browse in charity shops close to trendy quarters of the city or town where those with an eye for a good look get rid of their unwanted outfits. 

Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with heading to a more affluent neighbourhood to peruse the hangers in the hope of coming up with some great designer finds.

Vintage Shops and Markets

There are, of course, many shops that sell more carefully selected second-hand items. If you favour a certain look, for example, you might find a vintage shop or store has more to offer. 

Plus size models and curvy models might find they enjoy wearing clothes from a certain era, when clothing was cut to be more flattering to their shapes. Leaving contact details (for when particular items come in) might also ensure a steady flow of second-hand items in the future too.

Try flea markets, indoor markets and antiques’ and collectors’ centres too for this kind of clothing. These prices are likely to be higher, but it is always worth making an offer.

Second-hand Sales

Jumble, kilo and car boot sales can also be great places to uncover unusual items and hidden gems. Rummage in piles, flick through hangers and keep an open mind as you go.

Remember that stallholders at car boot sales are often happy to be bartered with while jumble sales are often in aid of good causes, yet prices tend to be low. 

Those running jumble sales are often in need of a few extra pairs of hands to help sort and sell. You could always volunteer and – while you would still be expected to pay – you would certainly have first pick!

Vintage kilo sales are popping up everywhere, from church halls to universities, these days. Here you pay per kilo and simply select as much second-hand clothing as you want until you have accumulated the right weight.

Look Online

The internet is obviously also a vast source of second-hand clothing, as well as bags, shoes, jewellery and other accessories. We all know about sites, such as ebay and Gumtree but teen boy models and teen girl models might like Depop.

Something of a cross between ebay and Instagram, it offers items for sale, including clothing, and members can follow each other. Pieces are often keenly priced and sometimes reduced if bought in a bundle.

And, by following others, you can find members with similar tastes and sizing to yourself and snap up anything particularly stylish they might be selling.

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