Published: 9th Jun 2022

Two of our models weren’t caught sleeping on a recent job, but they must have come close!

No, it wasn’t because their job was tedious (do we ever give our models humdrum assignments?!). Nope, they were asked to be filmed for a promotional video demonstrating the benefits of an innovative portable sleeping device.

Whether you prefer “counting sheep” or “catching Z’s”, everyone needs a decent sleep to replenish the body, both physically and mentally. Which is why our models Imogen and Khaled leapt at the chance to help Sleephub® with their latest advertising campaign. Less sleep, more action!

Sleephub® is an electronic device to aid falling asleep. It also promotes higher quality sleep, leaving the user wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to tackle the day with vigour. Backed by years of scientific research, the device works by retraining the brain and restoring natural sleeping patterns. No wonder Imogen and Khaled couldn’t wait to appear in such a ground-breaking promotion film. To be fair, our models have known for a long time now that we only give them the best commercial modelling jobs out there, so this is just another example of the class of clients we cater for.

The filming took place at The Five Alls pub and hotel in the heart of the Cotswolds, smack in the middle of Gloucester and Oxford. What a cosy setting! This was as good an incentive for most models, but starring in a promotional film for a revolutionary device that required acting skills was the icing on the cake.


Imogen and Khaled are no strangers with our booking team, having performed in front of cameras before. Did their Cotswolds modelling getaway prove as successful as their  others? If their post-assignment feedback is anything to go by, the answer is a resounding “Of course!”

As Imogen said; “The team at Models Direct are always so helpful with providing the right level of information at the right time. It means that the jobs are always fun and completely hassle free! Charlie is great and super friendly too!”

Back of the net from another superb assignment!

And Khaled was only too happy to share his feedback: “I had a fantastic day doing a video shoot for a lovely client. We both got on really well and I found the client very inspiring. Models Direct were super efficient as always. The team kept us informed every step of the way and were so friendly. I love doing assignments for these guys.”

Stop it – you’re making us blush!

We have always concentrated on giving our clients the best models, and this unique Sleephub® job was just as inspirational for our models as the device will prove to be for its customers.

From clothing retailers to cosmetics brands, from scientific companies to food retailers, we’re at the top of our game in the commercial modelling industry.

Have a look at some of the thousands of reviews we’ve received from our models at the link below:

Following on from the good work at Sleephub®, be sure to check out the two links below, giving hints on getting the most effective night’s sleep. Catching those Z’s is critical for all models, so with that in mind, we wish you happy reading, and a very good night!

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