Smart working solutions – modelling for Smartdeskers

Published: 7th Jun 2021

The world of the workplace was already changing before the pandemic hit – now it is calling for more flexible solutions than ever!

Many more of us are now working from home or in a hybrid arrangement, with some time spent at the office and some at the kitchen table.

Hot desking and co-working spaces are likely to become even more popular as we seek ever more versatile options and find ourselves operating within an increasingly global workplace.

Models Direct was asked by Norwich production company SubMotion to supply extras for a photoshoot promoting the concept of flexible working.

London-based Smartdeskers focuses on flexible working solutions, providing its clients with the tech and services needed to maximise office efficiency and workplace productivity.

Models Direct offered a selection of male and female models for the assignment and seven of our stars were chosen to take part in the promotional video.

Aminata, Carina, Freddie, Nathan, Nigel, Sarah and Elle had varying degrees of modelling experience but, without exception, all enjoyed being involved in the campaign.

For many of them, it was their first opportunity to take on an assignment since lockdown and getting back out there on set was therefore even more exciting than usual.

For Aminata and Carina, it was the first time they had worked with us.

Carina said: “This was my first booking with Models Direct and it did not disappoint.I was made to feel really comfortable by the whole crew and other extras and had such a fun time shooting. I was kept well informed via email about any changes and what to expect on the day which made it easier for me. I cannot wait for the next one!”

And Aminata added: “The shoot went well: it was my first job with Models Direct – everyone was lovely, and I feel very comfortable around the team and I hope to do this again.”

Nathan and Nigel both also had a good first experience on a booking with us.

Nigel said: “I have been a model and actor for 20 years, now working in London and Europe.I moved to Norwich three years ago from London, but I missed working in the industry, so I contacted Models Direct and they wanted to represent me. I was booked for an acting job last week; it was very professional, and a lot of fun, and it was great to be on set again. I met some lovely people. Role on the next acting or modelling job!”

And Nathan reported back: “A good day at the shoot, everyone was really friendly and welcoming and a first good experience with the agency.”

Sarah and Elle also found the whole process very professional.

“I had a lovely conversation with the team at Models Direct this week; they were very friendly and interested in how I have been through lockdown. Having joined just before lockdown in 2019, I have only now had the opportunity to undertake an assignment. The facilitation of this was seamless and my agent was informative and answered all my questions.”

Elle agreed: “Another assignment with Models Direct! It was great to be on set again for a fun promotional ad. Lovely, kind and understanding people and a beautiful location!”

Like the others, Freddie was especially pleased to be back out in the world again, socialising and interacting with his peers.

He said: “I had a good time and really enjoyed the experience. The other extras were really nice and friendly. It was good to feel needed in the image of the work taking place.”

Are you interested in becoming a model? If so, why not send us your details and see where it leads to. It could be the smartest decision you ever made!

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