Published: 8th Jan 2021

A modelling assignment that was a snow brainer

Our models often have fun, but surely this assignment takes some beating. Five lucky Models Direct models were selected to participate in a promotion for SnowStormer – the UK’s only snow-based obstacle course event, and the self-styled “coolest event on the calendar”. Were they chilled? You bet they were. They had to be: the “snow dome” is typically -4oC!

SnowStormer is classed as an extreme event, with contestants requiring an above average level of fitness. It’s not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure. But that didn’t put off our intrepid models; on the contrary, Sophia and her four male colleagues – Joel, Tyler, Jake and Jason – proved to be the perfect quintet to show off SnowStormer’s array of winter-styled obstacles. And before you ask – no, it wasn’t all “downhill” on the day.   

Our models helped promote SnowStormer in their flagship Milton Keynes location, although the company is adding new locations around the UK as we speak. Thrills n’ spills on offer include sub-zero cryo tunnels, signature giant inflatables, blizzard runs, “Big Air” bag jumps and the ominous-sounding Yeti runs (“Beware of the Yeti. They have some very specific skills that make them a nightmare for people like you. He will find you, he will chase you.” Sound familiar, fans of Liam Neeson’s Taken?) Maybe posing as the legendary Himalayan creature was the highlight of our model’s assignment. After all, it’s not every day a model gets paid to impersonate an Abominable Snowman, whether the competitors like it or not!

Such was the prestige surrounding SnowStormer’s exhilarating obstacle running challenge, the promotion attracted the interest of BBC Breakfast. Sports presenter Mike Bushell couldn’t resist checking out the hype, and was immediately put through his paces on all the obstacles. He’s done lots of sport reporting, although his experience with our models on the indoor mountains must rank as one of his most memorable. No doubt he partook in the après ski hospitality at the “Finisher’s Village” – he probably deserved it, as did our models.

The SnowStormer experience was a prime example of what some models can expect when they sign up for promotional modelling assignments – promotional work is social, varied, fun and vital to endorse our clients’ business. Promotional models are everyday people with distinct skills, and is a category of modelling that should appeal to a great deal of models. Check out this link to see how you – yes, you! – could be offered work in other exciting roles around the UK.

Jake was the one who donned the Yeti costume, and was one of the first to share his unusual experience:

“I would highly recommend Models Direct as I had my first videography job with them. It was really good to meet four other models with the agency and participate in the snow obstacle course – dressing up as a Yeti was so much fun. I would definitely do it all again in a heartbeat. Everyone at SnowStormer was very helpful and friendly and gave me a good feel of what to expect in the future from the industry.” 

What could be better than burning calories in the snow, meeting new people, and getting paid for it?

Sophia certainly agreed. She told us; “I really enjoyed my time at the snow zone in Milton Keynes, being able to appear in a film for the BBC and completing the only snow obstacle course in the UK! I met some great people and had loads of fun! Thank you to Models Direct for organising everything and for giving me this opportunity.”

So there you have it – promotional modelling could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Give it a try – it could be the best decision you ever made!

(This assignment was pre-covid)

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