Starpets feature in campaign for Coco&Eve

Published: 14th Jun 2021

Having good skincare and hair products is becoming more important where many of us are now turning to nature to nourish our skin and hair. We are directing ourselves by using artisanal treatments that not only enrich our outside but also our inside.

Naturally, Models Direct were thrilled when Coco & Eve, an award winning ethically sourced beauty care company, knocked on our door looking for some super cute bunnies to be the face of their Easter beauty campaign and boy, were we excited!

With the power, inspiration and magic of Bali ingredients, Coco & Eve wanted to present their latest marketing campaign with gorgeous rabbits to convey the company’s utter love for animals where being 100% vegan and cruelty free is a part of their ethos.

The stars of the show, Sparky and Delilah, were selected with the furry, friendly pair bringing the modelling campaign an extra breath of fresh air. They were brilliant for the commercial assignment, and the delightful duo most certainly accomplished the brand’s objective of natural skin and haircare never being tested on animals because let’s face it – how could you use animals as guinea pigs especially if you have a pair of make-your-heart-melt rabbits looking at you straight in the eyes? There’s now smarter ways of testing products so that no animals are harmed in the process such as cell cultures and computer models.

The hit sensations were there to advertise gift hair towel wraps with every purchase – you can check out the final image on our social media platform, Instagram! We’ve another blog which features some behind-the-scenes shots of the day if you’d like to scroll through them too.

There they sat looking all comfy and innocently adorable, wrapped up with Coco & Eve’s signature towel, teal tropical leaves inspired from Bali – matching their company’s logo.

Here’s some feedback that was kindly shared with us about how the day went from Sparky and Delilah’s owner: “A good day with professional and kind staff. Wasn’t sure what to expect being the first job and timings weren’t quite as expected but a really interesting and fun experience all round.”

Are we fur real?

Yes, we are! Your rabbit’s modelling journey is only a hop, skip and a jump away from something magical happening with Models Direct. We not only have humans as models but also animals. If you’re wondering what a ‘starpet’ is, well, that’s our dedicated division solely focused on animals. If you have a pet with star qualities, see what their modelling potential is and how far they could make it – whether that’s in mainstream media or not.

Models Direct believes diversity brings benefits for our models, our business and our population. This means that we want people and animals to come and shine their talent just like Sparky and Delilah have. We are committed to encouraging applications from all modelling applicants irrespective of background, circumstances, age, disability, gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation or animal species.

To find out how our starpets get on with other amazing assignments, check out our blogs and social media platforms to keep up to date with the latest scoop and animal-oriented announcements!

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