TEC Cymru Telecare Wales Response Service Shoot sponsored by the Welsh Government

Published: 30th Oct 2023

We have had phenomenal collaborations with major brands and companies over the years with our bookings. Our requests have been for models and actors – sometimes baby models, junior models, family models or body part models. Whether it’s been for promotional modelling, commercial modelling, print or editorial modelling, catwalk modelling or fashion modelling, Models Direct have been a part of successful campaigns by providing professional and committed models to take on amazing roles.

In today’s booking blog, you’ll find out about two of our actors who were selected for a video shoot that is set to make a real difference for the future of the health sector, local councils and housing association providers.

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TEC Cymru x Models Direct

Our modelling agency was a part of an essential project with Technology Enabled Care (TEC) earlier this year, in April. TEC Cymru is funded by the Welsh Government and provides cutting-edge technology for best-in-class video consultations, Telecare and Telehealth programmes for health professionals and citizens.

With 4,800 people currently signed up for the Telecare Service, 80% of customers are of those using the Response Service alone which means that when the new video and information are released, they’ll provide vital details for many users, existing and future.

The monitoring service, Telecare, wanted actors to come on board and take on acting roles for the Response Service’s new video for web and social use.

They were briefed about their day’s work and what it entailed. Nico and Caroline’s schedule was planned between 2pm and 5pm on a lovely warm April afternoon, set up in two locations in Cardiff.

It was a rewarding and beneficial journey for them and hopefully you’ll see it at some point very soon! Check checking the TEC Cymru’s website for more!

Stills & feedback time

Nico (TQQB-4864)

Caroline (TYTD-6764)

We have feedback from both Nico and Caroline which you can check out here:

Nico explained:

A little trepidatious accepting a job with a couple days notice.. however, in Gemma’s (MD agent) hands I always feel safe and looked after and as always she’s found me a great day gig. Really lovely people to work with on the shoot, couldn’t ask for anything more.Thanks Models Direct and Gemma!

Caroline posted her feedback on Trustpilot which you can check out here:

Thank you for putting me forward for yesterday’s shoot. It was fun and I really enjoyed my first experience with the team. The production team were so friendly and welcoming and made me feel so relaxed about the whole proceedings. I do hope they were happy with the time I spent and that they will ask me again!! Thanks Gemma & Models Direct I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot experience.

The takeaway

It’s fantastic to see all the work our models and actors are involved with our team, Models Direct, and our prestigious clients. With us, no two days are the same because no two clients are – up-and-coming and larger companies alike.

Our mission is to help brands and organisations grow by generating more traffic, leads and sales through our models’ work on their marketing campaigns.

We’re really proud of our talent, they did brilliantly on their assignment and we wanted to thank them for their time, dedication and hard work. The project wouldn’t have been the same without Nico and Caroline and we’re looking forward to seeing more of them when their look is called by other clients. Until then, we’ll keep you in the loop. Stay tuned, stay social and follow us to keep updated with all the latest modelling news and info.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our next booking blog instalment. We cannot wait to meet you there.

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