The Big Softy Blanket Company

Published: 30th Jul 2023

Imagine being called for a booking with a company that’s been featured on NBC, CBS, USA Today, Fox News, and Google News, and with over 15,000 happy, warm customers.

Today, Models Direct are bringing a booking blog with a brand that will make you feel as snug as a bug in a rug, and at a budget considering the price hike across…everything! Even though the weather is much finer now, sunny days and plenty of blue skies, our team couldn’t resist scanning through the clothing company’s specialist range of micro fleece oversized hoodies because who doesn’t like the idea of having something warm and comfy to wear when it’s so chilly? (Some of us hit the “add to basket” button too!) Before products go flying off the shelves during the next winter round, we thought planning ahead is better than on the spot!

Apply to be a model

With the weather being so bizarre over this winter period, this was the perfect time for The Big Softy to come in with its promotional campaign for its new designs and get the word out there.

Introducing The Big Softy graphic kids blanket hoodies: football and lightning styles perfect for both boys and girls.
These gems are the latest addition with the current and on-trend fashion brand that has taken the hoodie to new heights – to help beat the cold snap and keep the heating bill down. With a large pocket, fully reversible, thick, quality material (fleece on the outside, sherpa on the inside, just to let you know), this company’s hoodies are quality must-have apparel for all the family.

Hire a model

The company approached us for teenagers who could promote the new range, a girl and boy, and we found the perfect pair to do the job; Blake and Lola.

Photo stills of our teen models
Blake (CNPX-4367) & Lola (DXSD-6399)

We asked our teenage models if they could offer some feedback on how their experience. Blake expressed:
“From start to finish the shoot was brilliant, made me feel very comfortable and it was all in all very enjoyable. And fun. It was my first time on a set and I can’t wait for another opportunity. Thank you.”
You’re most welcome, Blake, and thank you for all the amazing work you put into the project. Our team are so impressed, well done!

Lola commented:
“Had a fantastic day, my first shoot with Models Direct. The video and photo shoot was fun, even behind the scene, I made a friend too! Thank you for the great experience.”
Lola, it was great to see your work with The Big Softy! Thanks for your all hard work and effort. Congratulations on your first shoot!

We loved seeing The Big Softy’s children’s designs as well as the adults. The prints are gorgeous and likeable,
(Some of us hit the “add item to basket” button when we had a look online!)
And there you have it! Another successful marketing campaign with a Models Direct client, The Big Softy! If you’ve got a soft spot for modelling, and you’re a teen (or you know a teen that would like to try it out), get in touch!

PS Models Direct hope you’re enjoying our delightful collection of booking blogs because there’s more of where this has come from. Head on over here to discover who we’ve worked with, both models and clients.

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