The Breese Family’s Modelling Assignment with Park Holidays

Published: 9th Nov 2022

The warmth of the sun on your skin, feet in the sand and the sounds of waves gently crashing at the sides of a glorious golden beach, there’s just no way anyone could turn this down for a weekend indoors instead! Meet The Breese Family who did just this and made waves not ripples with a winning campaign.

Breese Family modelling

We all deserve a break from the monotony of life and what better time to get one than with Models Direct? We support our models in the modelling peninsula and offer up some splendid surprises. The latest surprise was in store with our modelling family squad, The Breese family, when they snapped up a dream assignment for a magical photoshoot at Silver Sands Holiday Park in Lossiemouth, Scotland. It was a holiday and work assignment all rolled into one and it seriously couldn’t have gotten better! They even got to stay overnight on site! Bonus!

Breese Family modelling

Apply to be a model

Park Holidays called us up looking for a modelling family for their latest campaign – they wanted a real family, not one that had to be invented solely for the purpose of this project. We presented our models which we thought would fit the bill where the finals were skewed down to just a few and eventually won by our superstars, The Breese.

Snapping up assignments

It’s not always the case that models agree to an assignment when they’ve been selected; sometimes they pull out at the last minute or have other pending commitments which is completely fine particularly when young children are involved. School, appointments, or maybe a bout of illness could hinder their commitment so we have to inform our clients and see who else might be able to take on the lead role.

Hire a model

In the case of Park Holidays, we faced no obstacles. We called The Breese family to let them know that they’d been selected, and the rest was history. After all, who could reject marketing a beautiful golden sandy beach? And not just that – with fantastic facilities available in the park and the Scottish Highlands nearby, all the pieces fit perfectly for an amazing work getaway.

Breese Family modelling

Our client requested our family models to do the following in preparation for the project:

·        To take everyday summer clothing; dresses/shorts/blouses and so on alongside swimwear and beachwear

·        To avoid branding and logos

·        For hair and makeup to be casual

We got some awesome feedback on the assignment which we’d love to share with you right here:

Thank you so much to Charlie and the team for making this very last-minute shoot go smoothly! Despite the many logistics in play, Charlie worked hard to ensure that my two little ones and myself were taken care of and comfortable. I look forward to more opportunities like this, as it was such great fun! We really enjoyed meeting the other models and the photography team. A great few days, lots of laughs and smiles were shared!

Breese Family modelling

The key message

Can you really get paid for a holiday and work (but not feel like you’re working at all?) The reality is yes… You can! Life doesn’t have to mean you’re in the rat race, chasing time and having work burnout. You can enjoy it with all its beauty if you look in the right places. One place is here, with us at Models Direct and we’re very proud to bring these amazing assignments to people because our goal is that even if it’s a small footprint in the world, we want to make a positive difference to everyone who walks through our doors. 

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