The Clementine – for top model dogs

Published: 8th Apr 2021

Out of all our lovely clients, The Clementine is rather unique. You see, it’s a high-spec, all British made, luxurious dog brand, selling miscellaneous accessories for our four-legged friends such as leads, collars, jumpers, dog carriers and stationery. Think of it as the Louis Vuitton of the canine world.

When it comes to pampering pets, dogs salivate at the thought of showing off The Clementine’s products. So when four of our dog models got the call to pose with (human) models to promote the brand’s high-end doggy accessories, they instantly took on the challenge with all the enthusiasm you’d expect. The destination of this doggy delight was a Saturday in Hyde Park – as if the assignment wasn’t prestigious enough.

As one of the most prominent modelling agencies in the country for star pets and other animals, we were really thrilled to select our quartet of dogs for the rapidly growing company. One of the lucky four, Merlot, was kitted out in lambswool jumpers to model the ultimate in canine winter warmers, followed by soaking up the London landmark atmosphere in a range of the finest leather collars.  

Merlot’s owner has just as much fun in the capital as Merlot himself. “The photo shoot was a very nice experience. Merlot had lots of treats and had a good time posing. I would advise anyone who wants to get into the industry to instruct an agency [a host of ambitious clients is just one of the advantages of signing up to a reputable agency, and we have one of the most distinguished client lists!]. This was our first job, and we can’t wait for more! We had fun and earned some money at the same time.”

Our second dog, Louie, was the next to take the lead (literally), when he stepped forward and posed with a colour-coordinated glamorous model to promote The Clementine’s range of leads. Louie was so content, he didn’t want to take it off.

French Bulldog Bertie was equally happy to jump into the spotlight as he paraded across Hyde Park in a range of stylish accessories. “Bertie did an amazing job – and looked great!” Bertie’s owner beamed. “Both the crew and the client were brilliant, and we were so well looked after.”

Willow – a beautiful dark tan spaniel – was the last model to pose for the luxury brand. “It was great fun and everyone was so friendly,” said Willow’s owner. “I hope Willow gets chosen again to do another job.” We hear you, Willow! After all, which dog wouldn’t revel in modelling the very best in pet accessories on a sunny Saturday in Hyde Park? Your dog could be soon reaping the benefits of dog modelling – and all it takes is to complete the all-important Models Direct application form at:

We all love dogs, and tedious periods of lockdown in 2020 has seen a rise in pooch ownership – the reasons undoubtedly being for companionship and fitness. Though lockdown shouldn’t be the only reason to own a dog (or any other pet, for that matter), it’s understandable to see an increase in household dog numbers. As long as they are healthy and happy, all power to the owners!

And if you want to know if your dog would be a success in front of cameras modelling for clients like The Clementine, there’s only way to find out…apply with us and we’ll do the rest! 

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