The Photography Show with Sony

Published: 10th May 2022

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a photographer or filmmaker, the place to be is the West Midlands – specifically 10 miles east of Birmingham city centre. Why? Because The Photography Show was held over four days at the famous National Exhibition Centre (NEC), and guess what? One of our wonderful models was selected to model for a live photography demo for one of the largest technology companies in the world. OK – we’ll just go on and say it – one of the largest companies in the world – full stop!

No prizes for guessing which company we’re talking about (unless you skipped the title of this blog!) Sony is one of those companies that don’t need an introduction, as we’re sure most of you out there have used or bought at least one of their products at some stage in your life. Needless to say, the Japanese conglomerate can take its pick of models to increase its presence at live events across the globe, so when they wanted a model to assist them with their live demo, they took the most reasonable course of action and turned to us to provide them the best model for their needs.

Model Orika was in her element modelling in the live demo over four days, and why shouldn’t she have been? As an enthusiastic, ambitious and talented Models Direct model, Orika was given a thorough brief, all the essential information (first point of contacts, timings, clothing, how to negotiate the M6 and M42 motorways – that type of thing), and then she was under the bright lights on stage in the UK’s largest event space complex.

The exhibition centre has hosted various Crufts shows, as well as the first BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards outside of London. With 18 exhibition halls and 32 conference suites that host over 2 million people and 500 events every year, the NEC is surely a promotional model’s dream assignment.

Orika certainly thought so. Upon completion of her creative collaboration with Sony, Orika beamed, “I recently attended the photography show with Models Direct and it was a great experience. I had so much fun and it was a pleasure working with Sony at the Birmingham NEC. I’m looking forward to doing more shoots with Models Direct.”

The Photography Show is well-known in the industry as the biggest and best photography and moving image event in Europe, and welcomes promising amateurs and seasoned pros in equal measure.

We think The Photography Show represents a great example of a promotional modelling assignment: Orika was a key factor in showing off what Sony has to offer in the photography world, in a nationally-famous arena that a lot of models will aspire to appear in.

Do you want to follow in Orika’s footsteps and represent a famous name? Well, we have a whole host of clients like Sony just crying out for commercial models from a wide range of backgrounds. It’s our job to put forward the most suitable – and the next assignment could be right up your street! 

Get in touch or apply with us and you could soon be appearing under the spotlights in a prestigious, fun and (financially) rewarding assignment.

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