The Sky’s the limit for these models..

Published: 26th Mar 2021

Thinking about travelling abroad when lockdown finally ends? If so, this report on an exciting Models Direct campaign will have you checking your luggage and renewing your passport before you can say “bon voyage”. We hope that your travel plans will become a reality sooner rather than later, although at the time of writing, who knows when?

When Models Direct were asked to provide ten models to shoot a campaign at Heathrow Airport, our lucky group were required to inject a little bit of acting into the photo shoot. Luckily, most of our models aren’t one-dimensional and not averse to putting on a variety of expressions, which was just what the photographers were after. Whilst happy faces are a mainstay of modelling shoots, some of our models had to portray several negative emotions for the campaign to be successful.

As one of our models, Aira, explained: “The photo shoot was very professional. The crew was excellent and very supportive. They helped us with the expressions they wanted to see us in. We needed to be happy, excited, and, for other photos, just tired, anxious, a bit angry or curious. So, it was a quite big range of moods we needed to show in front of the camera – and we needed to do a bit of acting, of course. The team was very happy having us there and it was such a smooth and quick job.”

This is a fantastic example where models could use their “extra reserves” and display other qualities to make an ordinary assignment into an extraordinary one. Heathrow Airport is clearly a prominent client with huge budgets, so utilising models who can turn their hand to a spot of acting was an important benefit for the shoot.

Model Adam said: “I had a fantastic time today at Heathrow Airport. I enjoyed the whole experience. The shoot itself was extremely fun and I enjoyed working with Aira, the other model. The clients themselves were fantastic – very friendly and warm. This was my first modelling experience and the relaxed nature of the client and the photographer put me at ease straight away. I got more and more into it as the shoot went on and am looking forward to seeing the end product. After this experience I very much hope that I will get the chance to do some more work. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Travel is mostly enjoyable (if possessions don’t get lost and everything’s on time), although there are occasions where best-laid plans are scuppered at the last minute, resulting in the eager traveller turning into a nervous, agitated wreck. We bet you’ve had at least one glitch whilst travelling! So, the campaign needed a range of emotions to reflect the reality of airports and travelling in general.   

As a wheelchair user, another of our modelling group – Alex – was chosen to highlight that fully-able travellers shouldn’t be treated differently to others.  As this was Alex’s first campaign shoot, he was impressed with how he was made to feel comfortable by the on-site team, including photographers and organisers, “The whole experience was simple from start to finish,” Alex beamed. “Everywhere was of course accessible, parking was easy, directions and contact information were all provided – it was just very easy. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and hope to promote diversity and inclusion as a wheelchair user in more future campaigns. Many thanks to everyone involved in the selection process – it was a privilege.” 

Travelling is currently not permitted. However, many travel operators are offering great deals for a well-deserved summer break. These companies don’t know for sure anything we don’t, as the PM hasn’t shed any light on when travel restrictions are to be lifted. The general consensus is that travel operators are in a position to tempt holidaymakers with bargain deals, with the hope that in the upcoming weeks the public will be packing their swimming trunks and soaking up a few rays from mid May. Until Downing Street gives us the “green light”, it’s a case of waiting and hoping.

We all deserve a holiday, or even a short weekend break. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that soon you’ll be welcomed at airports like Heathrow and be treated as well as our models. We hope the only emotion you’ll need is a big sigh of relief. And a smiling face, of course!

(This campaign was shot pre covid.)

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