Timothy: A Start-Up Discovering Models Direct

Published: 17th Jul 2022

It’s quite something to think that the jeans you’ve got hung up in your closet, in the laundry or on you have an interesting history dating back about 140 years ago! Thanks to the collaboration of brilliant creatives, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, we’ve got this staple icon fixed into our dress code.

And for those who don’t own a pair of jeans, a new start-up company might make you pull out your wallet! Even though this is a small business, it has a BIG vision. Let’s introduce you to Timothy – one man who is helping ignite the love of, yes, jeans! Timothy’s creation of a dream jeans brand is turning into reality. He wanted to take it up another level by getting his marketing and advertising off the ground, and he did just this. How? By getting in touch with our team!

Timothy approached our expert agency requesting a female model to showcase his collection. He was thinking ahead and nothing was stopping him. Timothy found us, called us and spoke to our team to express his brief on what he needed from us. His website and social media platforms needed that bolster to drive to success, so we focused on selecting the right model that could convey his story. We searched through our female adult hub rigorously and found Maria. Our team knew she would be a perfect fit for Timothy’s e-commerce as we have matched thousands of models to projects over our 30-year reign in the field. Cue fashion, funk, and on-trend lifestyle choices that Timothy wanted to present – jeans will elevate consumers’ look and make them feel good.

Our talented model headed to Bournemouth to meet with the assigned professional photographer who was ready to capture amazing material. Even though Maria gave us incredible feedback, which we’ll share with you, she did a spectacular job herself! We’re all really impressed and very lucky to have her on board and so pleased that she was selected.

Maria conveyed, “Amazing experience EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHER. I went to my second assignment on Saturday, Gemma made sure that everything ran according to plan, I felt so comfortable with the team I worked with, and the photographer was amazing. He definitely got out the best of us in every picture. Can’t wait to see all the pictures.”

Model Maria

We really appreciate the time our models put into the work we give them; they always exude the utmost professionalism, dedication and motivation every time. Now that the work has been completed, we’re hoping the content gets Timothy’s collection line noticed and wins the hearts of the new or already grounded jean nation. Which one are you?

As a key takeaway from our experience with start-ups just like Timothy’s, we’ve definitely seen a rise in interest post-Covid whereby hiring models for branding and lifestyle photoshoots, as examples, are at the forefront. Nothing is stopping us now and nothing is stopping new companies from exploring and expanding within their field. Here’s to the remaining half of 2022 being filled with projects for smaller companies and businesses, and our models stepping in to help.

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