Trending cosmetically – Top cosmetic trends for 2020


Published: 26th Mar 2020

It’s great when you start a trend yourself, but most trends develop through marketing platforms and through celebrities. Here at Models Direct, we want to focus on the seven cosmetic trends that are set to make a huge impact in 2020. Read on, and discover the ones that particularly appeal to you. They may even help you in your future modelling assignments.

1. Inter-planetary tattoos. Whether it’s spaceships, moons, planets or even UFOs, according to several sources the tattoo craze for this year will be anything connected to astronomy. It’s not that surprising, given the popularity of cosmic TV programmes. Astronomy is now officially cool, and even teenagers are pricking up their ears and taking an interest. Just ask physicist Brian Cox!

2. “Twilighting”. Have we just made that up? No, but someone has. “Twilighting” refers to a hair-colouring technique for brunettes, where warm undertones give way to colour-reflecting golden hues. It’s non-fussy, fairly simple, and is bang on the trend without making any hugely drastic changes. 

3. Hair clips. The humble hair clip is staging a remarkable comeback. For such a simple accessory, they come is a wide range of designs. Among the styles tipped for success are pearl clips, gold claw clips and bobby pins. Easy on the purse, hair clips should be worn with pride – style shouldn’t be this cheap, but they work.

4. Crystal nails. Either salon professional or straightforward DIY, crystal nails will be one of the most worn accessories this year. Choose from a variety of base gels, acrylic nails, gel polishes and decorations and get set to have fun with your nails. Hand models are relatively rare, but with a little inspiration you’ll be the envy of your friends and your fashionable fingers could lead to something bigger. Be creative and have fun! 

5. Knotted headbands. Another cheap hair accessory, knotted headbands are bound to cause a storm this year. Not strictly cosmetics, we’ve added them because they compliment all hair colours and shades of mascara. Expect to see some of the biggest stars on both the catwalk and on screen sporting these versatile fashion essentials. They come in loads of colours and styles, so it’ll be easy to pick the right ones that suit you best.  

6. Blue tints. This year, stay true to blue. From highlights to eyelashes, from eye shadows to mascara, blue tints are back in for 2020. The primary colour has many shades, so whether you’re going for a subtle aquamarine or an intense cerulean, they’ll be one to suit all tastes and styles. 

7. Detox shampoos. These wonder remedies aren’t new, but in 2020 they’re expected to take off more than in previous years. Most brands masks unwanted toxins that have been circulated around the body in the blood stream and absorbed by the hair through the environment. A good product paves the way for other hair care treatments – in effect, giving your locks a spring clean so that conditioners and ordinary shampoos can work more efficiently. 

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