Why Can’t I See Other Models On Your Website?

Published: 17th Oct 2022

This might be a burning question for new models and clients – why can’t I see other models’ profiles on all the Models Direct platforms?

When you’re in a new situation, sometimes it helps when you see a familiar face or someone in the same position as you to put you at ease. The same might be said when you’ve signed up with a talent management agency like ours – Models Direct. You’re in unfamiliar territory, you’re slightly anxious and want to reach out to someone who’s in the same boat as you are.

But hold that thought – you’re on our website, you’ve been scrolling through our Instagram and Facebook accounts, check out our TikTok complications, you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for…you can’t see other models’ profiles. Why is that?

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You might be used to seeing other agencies have their models on their landing pages or displayed across their social media platforms. Why is Models Direct taking a different approach? We’ll explain why this is right here not just from our model’s perspective, particularly any new kids on the block, but from our client’s too. Enjoy this read and remember, if you have anything you need to double-check or clarify, our dedicated experts are always on hand to debunk and demystify any modelling myths, urban legends or assumptions.

From our models’ perspective

You’re off to a good start, you’re ready for something different and to get paid for it (even better) but you just want to feel more involved in our community, see who else is out there that or see how many times they’ve been booked.

Whatever your reason may be, Models Direct don’t put up our model’s profiles anywhere. We never have done and we never will, it’s not how we roll. Our deal is that we actively look for work for our models instead of pretending to do it by just sticking everyone’s images up and forgetting about them. This is a very easy option to resort to and we know plenty of agencies that do this but, and this is the big but, we don’t. We clearly state on many of our pages and channels that we actively look for work ourselves so our models can rest assured that they’re in reliable hands.

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Therefore there’s no need for us to put their images up as we are not a showcase agency.

In addition to this, sharing of our models’ images is important data protection and privacy matter so we are very careful when it comes to sharing such sensitive information. When our clients present their brief, we search through our modelling database for models who match it as closely as possible. We then select them and then show them to our clients. We inform our clients that the distribution of our models’ images is prohibited unless its sole purpose is for their marketing selection after which we request that they dispose of the images.

Let’s switch this around and focus on our clients’ points of view

Clients, you might be wondering the same – why can’t you see models so that you get an idea of who is in our books? As a benefit for all, our blogs and social media accounts do show our models that have been booked and how their assignments went rather than those looking to be booked. Models Direct offer a bespoke search for every new model inquiry. We want to help clients find the right models for the job which means we work through our database with a fine tooth comb looking for the selection of models that match our client’s brief the closest. We then take these forward for them to view and eventually select.

And there you have it, models and clients! We hope we’ve cleared the air about why we don’t show our models. Looking forward to seeing and working with you all!

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