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Colchester is a beautiful place to be.

Its historical Roman background has influenced its lead-up to earning the title of Britain’s First City. In this corner of the world is where our Colchester Models Direct Modelling Agency recruits and supplies models.

Our agency is Essex city’s first modelling agency that is cutting through the noise and making waves, not ripples when it comes to hiring diverse and inclusive Colchester models and getting them booked with tried and trusted clients.

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If you haven’t heard about us, let’s begin with a hello, and a warm welcome to our Colchester powerhouse agency which is turbo-powered by embracing every human and animal , regardless of their physical attributes.

We’re game changers in the world of modelling as after 30 years on the scene, we have laid the groundwork for our models in Colchester to have effortless access to a paid part-time profession with the backing and support of a reputable agency that fairly represents them and helps them feel empowered.

Colchester Models Direct Modelling Agency is reshaping how we on board new models and how our clients hire them. It’s so easy! We have curated a straightforward online application form to get the ball rolling. See for yourself right here!

Fill in your details if you want to become a Colchester model and our specialist team will take it from there. We cover models from pregnancy to baby, to teens through to senior models . Pets are included too! We are also on the lookout for talent such as musical, artistic or any other head-turning skill you might have hidden that should be set free.

Our ordinary models get snapped up right away by our clients, who might be based in our neighbourhood too. They may become the image of the brand or company, it’s as simple as that.

However, it can also take some time to come to fruition but added with a dash of our models’ perseverance and positivity, it is achievable.

Colchester alumni

Our region has seen famous faces move into the talent industry, perfect for a modelling agency like ours who are on the lookout for breakthrough talent and uplifting existing talent.

So, who might they be, you ask?

Does, “he lives in a house, a very big house in the country!” ring any bells? Yup, you’re right. It’s Blur’s Country House summertime tune that got us tapping our feet back in the 90s, and to be honest...we still are as we reminisce on those warm nights and bright days.

Two members of this Brit band, Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon attended Stanway School...yes, right here in Colchester. Presenter Dermot O’Leary and West End star Darren Day are also Colchester VIPs.

We’ll now gravitate towards our agency to see who some of our Colchester Models Direct Modelling Agency VIPs are! Ours can be models based in the local area or clients who have set up a base.

Our Colchester clients have included TyreSafe, MIP UK and Roger Jones who have all hired our diverse and inclusive models. (They got paid handsomely too!)

Here’s a digest of strong testimonials assembled just for you. If you’re interested in reading more, you can head over to our next official Essex blog which will be published soon.

Our family modelling squad , the Agyemang Family generously shared:

Agyemang Family

“We had a family shoot on Thursday, it was brilliant. We had such a good time, the people were very friendly and professional. Thank you to the MD agency for the opportunity and the way they looked after us in everything. We are so glad to find this beautiful agency. Hope we will be selected again for future work.”

Anne and Colin had some great feedback to share through the eyes of Anne’s mum for this trio.

Anne and Colin

“My partner, my daughter and I had an enjoyable afternoon yesterday modelling together for Models Direct. How nice it was to go out together. Great experience, the photographers and client were great. Made the day’s shoot most enjoyable. Look forward to the next assignment.”

Female model Yasmeen ends with a straight-to-the-point comment:


“Enjoyable experience and a lovely crew!”

Maybe you could be part of a successful campaign just like our models and clients. If you want to become a model complete the form below or to hire a model in Colchester, click here!

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