Applying to Models Direct

How do I apply?

There are two ways:

1, Online. Click the button below to send us your pictures.

Apply to be a model

2, write and post us your application. Send a brief letter, two good snap shots plus any audio and video clips you may have to Models Direct National Administration Office, 232 Fakenham Road, Taverham, Norwich, NR8 6QW

What are the requirements?

We are continually looking for new talent to put forward to clients worldwide.

At Models Direct we are always delighted to receive applications from individuals of all ages, nationalities, body shapes, sizes, skills and abilities

After working for 20 years in the business, our group knows there is a lot more to an individual’s success than just conventional good looks. All of us have the commitment, drive and determination needed to succeed – the question is, can we use these qualities to action it?!

Only YOU can make yourself a star, and if you're committed enough, you can do it. We are here to help you.

As Europe's largest agency, we will represent you to clients in the television, film, music, sport, theatre, catalogue and entertainment industries – and every client has their own requirements for each assignment.

Remember, clients are LOOKING for people like you, and me come to that! Films, adverts, shows, fashion and the media are AIMED at US!

Models Direct provides talent of all shapes and sizes, plus skills and abilities selected not just for their ‘look’ but also because they have qualities that clients are looking for. A client may want a talent that can act, speak French, ice-skate or that has perfectly proportioned hands or feet. On the other hand, any man, woman or child may just have what a client has been searching for.

Make an application online today.

National Selection Panel (NSP)

Your application will be presented to our National Selection Panel by a Co-ordinator who is looking after your application, for their consideration and assessment at the next audition meeting.

The NSP will compare your skills, look and details with the talent we already have registered and our client demand.

If we make an 'Offer of Representation' to you and you register with us, you will be promoted by our Assignments Department whenever your look and skills are called for, by our Co-ordinators in person and on our busy web site that gets well over 100,000 viewings monthly. (Google Analytics)

If you are applying to Models Direct, your Coordinator will present your details and a decision will be made based on a variety of information, including your abilities, look, presentation, location, work availability, suitability as a new talent and consideration for existing talent registered with us.

Their decision will be notified to you within a week of your application.

If we agree to represent you, on offer to do so for 3 years will be made. You will receive conformation in the post and online.

What do you look for in new applicants?

There is no single look that we require. Our clients ask us to find talented individuals of literally every type, so we’re always delighted to receive applications from individuals of all ages, nationalities, skills, abilities, body shapes and sizes.

If you have the commitment, drive and determination to succeed, we can help you make it happen.

Remember, we’ll put you forward whenever your look is called for – and clients could be searching for your unique look and skills right now.

Does it matter where I live?

No. When you apply, you will be asked whether you are prepared to travel, and which assignments (local, national or international) you’re prepared to accept.

Making yourself available to a wide area makes it more likely that you will get work, but you have to bear in mind the commitment that could be involved.

If you do have to travel, your costs will be paid by the client.

These days with cheap air fares and with 70 million of us here in the UK, which is only 700 miles long, 300 million of us in the US and 300 million in the rest of the EU, anyone can get anywhere within 24 hours.

Our Assignments Department places our talent in front of decision makers in the film, television, advertising, fashion and entertainment industries around the world and you could be among them.

While you sleep, are at work or going about your daily business, we could be representing you in another timezone: Tokyo, Los Angeles, Singapore or London and in fact, anywhere in between, your e-Portfolio could be considered.

Whenever we secure an assignment for our talent – we call, agree a fee with you, plus travel costs and the decision rests with you to accept.

So, using online technology and taking full advantage of ever cheaper travel, we represent our talent with the same excellent care and attention – wherever in the world we work, be it your village, town or city or another continent.

Do I need experience?

It is more important to have determination, commitment and the burning desire to succeed. Ask yourself first, do you have these? – with them you can go anywhere and do anything.

Being successful is really about what you want. This will determine how much effort and commitment are devoted.

Look into the background of anyone successful and you will find a whole lot more than you ever knew. Successful superstars of today in modelling, entertainment, sport and almost every other field, established their interest at a very early age and with total single-mindedness.

Distinction in anything is no accident, it is a combination of determination and a great deal of effort, followed by more determination and more effort. This is why most people give up and a few succeed.

We are here to help those wanting to find an agent and explore with them their personal resources in realizing their ambitions.

Will this interfere with my child’s education?

Many parents are concerned that their child’s studies will suffer.

There are two issues: time commitment and your child’s focus.

In terms of time commitment, remember that any assignment offered to your child is discussed with you as the parent and no one else. We do not deal directly with anyone under 16, only their parents or guardians. So you have full control over the assignments that your child accepts.

Clients appreciate young peoples' studying commitments and work around school times. Very often assignments are at weekends or after school for this reason.

There are strict guidelines on how long a child can work for, and how often they should get breaks and refreshments.

In terms of focus, you have to decide whether modelling will take your child’s attention away from their studies. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that these opportunities offers many children a refreshing break, an exciting day out and a big boost to their self-confidence.

See also 'Child Performers License'

Can you recommend a photographer?

The Master Photographers Association (MPA) can help you find a photographer. For more information see their web site at

If you’re in the US, try visiting or

Apply to be a model