About Models Direct modelling agency

Who do you represent?

We represent amateur and professional talented men, women and children of all ages from all over the UK, Europe and the US; Singers, Models, Dancers, Entertainers, Musicians, Actors, Pets and Promotional staff.

We have always tried to represent the widest possible selection of people from across the widest area. This is a key difference between us and local agencies: local agencies get only local work enquiries, while we field enquiries from clients worldwide.

How do I book ?

If you are a business looking to book Singers, Models, Dancers, Entertainers, Musicians, Actors, Pets or Promotional staff, complete a Model Hire application form.

Please note: this function is for genuine clients looking to book models. Some of our models 'try us out' by pretending to be clients. This is detected by our system and takes up valuable time that we could spend promoting our models.

Who are ‘New Model Co-ordinators’?

Our New Talent Co-ordinators are a team of highly trained, professional staff who are responsible for representing each talented individual throughout their career. They also help our clients to find the right talent for their requirement.

Many of our Co-ordinators are talented themselves, and some are parents too. They range widely in age, experience and background, so you can always speak to someone who understands your situation.

Our Co-ordinators are available to offer help and support during business hours. They will help you get started, answer any queries you may have and put you forward for paid assignments whenever your look and skills are called for. To talk to a Co-ordinator, call 0844 334 0000

Do I have to come to your head office in Norwich?

No. There is, however, an open invitation for you to visit us by appointment, where you can meet the team and see how we promote our models. Call one of our Co-ordinators if you would like to arrange an appointment.

To see our location, please view this map.

We look forward to meeting you if you decide to visit us.

Where are you located?

Our UK and Europe Head Office is at:

232 Fakenham Road, Taverham, Norwich, NR8 6QW
United Kingdom

Is Models Direct a scam?

No. Please read our Models Direct Is A Scam article for a full response to this question.

Are you an Employment Business?

No. We are an Employment Agency: we don’t employ our talent, we simply promote them to potential hirers.

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