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I’ve forgotten my password! I can’t log in!

You need to know your login and password details. If you’ve forgotten, click here to be emailed a reminder.

If you’re still having trouble logging in, try cutting and pasting your login and password into the boxes. Your login and password must match exactly what is shown in the email you receive. Details are case-sensitive, so you must use capital or lower-case letters as they appear.

Can I see my picture (or my child’s picture) online?

Our images are not available freely for online viewing because of the Data Protection Act, which protects people of all ages against their images being shared by unauthorised parties.

Pictures and details are entrusted to us for a very specific purpose, and it is our responsibility to ensure that this trust is respected.

We qualify prospective clients carefully. Once we’ve satisfied ourselves of their authenticity, we give them a time-limited, single-use access code that they can use to view a specific selection of models suited to their assignment requirement.

What can I do to improve my chances of finding work?

This is a very important question. Often, the key factor in success is not looks or talent, but persistence. Talent who take the initiative and proactively make things happen are often those who find most success. While we commit to putting you forward whenever your look and skills are called for, we need you to get involved in order to maximise your chances.

Here’s what we recommend:

Make sure your photos are current and reflect your current look. This is particularly important for babies and young children, whose looks change very quickly. Also make sure your ePortfolio is reguarly updated and lists full details of skills, experience and any relevant qualifications you have.

Register with as many agencies as you can.

Get in touch with local businesses that might require talent: malls, fashion & bridal stores and salons, Hotels and event venues. Check out forthcoming events and  occasions. Read the local paper to identify potential opportunities.

Tell potential clients you are available, and give them our details as your agent.

How often should I update my profile?

Your profile needs to be up to date so potential clients can get an accurate sense of your suitability for their project.

Babies’ photographs should be updated every few weeks, children’s every few months and adults’ as and when your look changes.

Simply log in to your account and making sure your details and images are as up-to-date as possible. We need to know if your skills, experience, qualifications or measurements change or if details such as address or phone number change. If you have an online diary, make sure it reflects your availability in terms of holidays and so on.

Remember we email every time you are put forward for work too.

Can I register with another agent?

Your arrangement with us is non-exclusive and we encourage work to be found every way they can. More experience means more exposure and better talent, which is better for everyone.

The only advice we give is to check out every potential agency carefully before you register.

Does it matter if I move house?

We need to know your new address and we will then consider you for assignments near your new home, or UK-wide if you’ve indicated that you’re willing to travel.

Update your address and details in your Account details once you are logged in.

Cancelling continuous service rate

Continuous service rate allows for no interruption in our representation of you and your registration automatically renews when it is about to expire.

If you wish to remove your account and cancel your monthly payments please email billing@modelsdirect.com with you reference number postcode and email address. If you are currently on a 30 day free trial please be sure to cancel this before requesting your account be closed and removed.

Request consent withdrawal

You may withdraw your consent for us to use you or your child's data at anytime by completing and submitting this form. In doing so you are instructing us to delete all your data. This simultaneously terminates your agreement with us and we will no longer be able to consider you for representation.

How do I complete my e-Portfolio?

Follow this step-by-step guide to complete your e-Portfolio. Before you begin, make sure you are logged in to your account.

Step 1

Click 'Edit Profile' link.

Step 2

Complete the form that appears. When some answers are selected, the page will refresh with new options and questions appearing relevant to your choice.

If you want to select more than one option in a list, hold down the 'control' key on your keyboard and click as many answers as you like. (Apple users hold down the Apple/Command key.) If you select an option by mistake, just click it again to deselect it, while continuing to hold down ‘control’.

The 'control' key is often abbreviated as 'Ctrl'

If you’re not sure how to respond to a question, click 'Form Guide Help' link at the top right of the page just below your name to read guidance on how to answer.

Step 3

When you are happy that everything is correct click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the 'e-Portfolio Info' panel.

Once you have submitted your details, you will see an acknowledgement screen confirming that your e-Portfolio has been updated.

How do I change or delete my photos?

To change your photos, simply delete the ones you no longer require and upload new images.

To remove a photo, click the ‘delete’ button next to it as shown below. Remember any photographs that you delete will instantly be removed from your account and will need to be re-uploaded if deleted by accident.

What kind of photos are acceptable?

Picture format

Pictures can only be uploaded in JPG or PNG format.

File size

The maximum file size is 10MB. To check the file size click on your picture file with the right mouse button and select 'Properties' from the list that appears.

This example shows a file size of 168.0KB. There are 1000KB in 1MB so this file is fine to upload.

If your file is larger than 10MB, see the answer to the question ‘How do I resize photos?’ below.

Picture size

The minimum pixel size is 227 pixels wide or 284 pixels high. Check your picture to make sure your width and height are above these values.

How do I resize photos?

Use a picture-editing software package to open your picture and find an option to change the image size (sometimes called ‘image dimensions’). If you don’t have a picture-editing package on your machine, here is a online editor.

If the width is greater than the height, set it to 227 pixels. If the height is greater than the width, set it to 284 pixels.

Save your file and re-check your file size.

If your file is still to large, or if you cannot change the image size, try experimenting with the other image size settings in your picture editor and saving some new copies.

How do I upload photos?

Follow the step by step guide below. The same applies for Audio and Video

Step 1

Click 'Add Photos' link. (for Audio 'Add Audio' and for 'Add Video')

Step 2

Click 'Add' on the 'Photo Request List' panel.

Step 3

Complete your photo’s details:

'Photo Name': choose a name for this picture

'Photo Caption': write a caption

'Photo Date': enter the date when the photograph was taken

Step 4

Find your photo. Click 'Browse...' and locate the photo file on your computer, then click 'Open'. In this example, the photo file is called 'My latest pic.jpg'.

Step 5

The location of your photo file will appear in the 'Photo File' box in the 'Add photo' panel.

To continue, click 'Next' at the bottom of the 'Add photo' panel.

Step 6

Check you are happy with your details and photo before they are sent for approval. If you would like to change any details, click the 'Back' button and make any amendments. When ready click 'Next'.

Your new picture now appears in the 'Photo Request List' panel.

Can you give me some photo tips?

Here is our advice for taking photos:

Bright, well lit, close up photographs have good impact

Try taking pictures outside

Make sure there is no clutter in the background

Wear plain coloured clothes, not patterns

Avoid ‘household’ style shots (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc)

Sit or stand comfortably

Take close up photos so your head and shoulders fill the frame

Take a variety of smiling, posed and full-length pictures

If you have your pictures developed, ask for ‘gloss finish’ as these scan better

Photo booths at stations and supermarkets are a cost effective way to practice your pose and quickly get pictures to us

Why can't I see my photos?

Photographs can only be viewed if they have been successfully uploaded.

If you have recently uploaded photographs, they must first be approved before they go live. Allow five working days for any changes to appear.

Photographs that are awaiting approval can be seen in your 'Photo request list'. If you cannot see any photographs here, they have not been uploaded correctly.

I'm having problems receiving emails!

If you’re not receiving our emails, it may be because your account is set up to receive only plain text emails.

We send out emails that include graphics, called HTML emails.

To benefit from this and to make sure you receive our emails in the future, change your email settings to accept HTML emails.

The help settings in your email software should show you how to change this.

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