Model advice sites

Advice sites are new businesses and are cropping up online claiming to offer 'industry advice'. They are not Employment Agencies like us and they are not Government regulated. Advice sites can say whatever they like and charge a fee for it.

Some examples would be:

Model Advice also known as La Mode London. This site was established just one year ago. You will be asked to pay £60 to get their ‘advice’ which is targeted to get people to buy their products. They also offer photographic services and courses. There have been many complaints about this site.

Alba, which is run by a former model, used to charge for advice using a premium rate phone line, which was illegal and led to them being forced to change. There was also a shop selling goods which has now closed. They claimed for a while that they were approved by the BIS but the claim has since been removed.

London School of modelling was established 3 years ago. They offer ‘advice’ if you decide to pay to attend one of their courses. There have been many complaints about them.

Last word...

Our team of professionals offer various services for the models and talent that we represent. Here are some of the features and services that you can expect experienced coordinators to provide you with.

You will get an email every time you are put forward for work and your 24hour online record will be upgraded.

You can apply online for model and talent work which added to the website daily.

You will get a free online personal account with your own log-in and password.

You can use this resource to update photos, personal statistics and experience whenever you like, absolutely free. This is what we show clients.

An 'agency work update' email goes out every week. Read it to keep up with what's going on at the agency.

Requests and bookings, clients, news, views and comments are updated on the website weekly.

You will receive the latest edition of our modelling magazine IMAGE, which goes out to all our models and clients via email regularly. This is the UK's only modelling magazine, established by us in 1990 and successfully published ever since.

As a model or talent with us you will be assigned your own experienced member of the coordinator team to help you in any way that they can.

We publish BIS regulated Terms and Conditions and are regularly visited and inspected by the BIS to protect our models and our clients.

All our business procedures and activities are BIS approved.

We are a fully accredited employment agency not a 'showcase agency' like many other 'agents'.

We look after you throughout your entire term of registration with us, no matter how long you are with us, you will be assigned your own personal Model Coordinator as soon as you first apply. This ensures you receive the personal service you deserve, and all your records of care, and communications with us are carefully recorded, so we always have your history to hand. We employ real people who care and work on your behalf, and are happy to talk to you. We will even pay half your travel costs if you would like to come and visit us!

We are sure that you'll come to your own conclusions. Apply to be a model